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by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
Aluminium alloy is very common in our daily life, but also very important, so its qualification must be reliable, the aluminum alloy scaffolding qualification? Believe that many friends all very want to know, just follow Dr Ladder below small make up together to look at it. First, tubing pipe is aluminum alloy scaffolding, choice of materials, aluminum alloy scaffolding because of the need to build a high altitude, even more than 40 meters height, should choose high strength, and sufficient hardness and toughness of the material used, generally use 6061 or 6082 series high intensity aviation special aluminum as aluminum alloy scaffolding supervisor. Second, direct aluminum alloy scaffolding qualification aluminum alloy scaffolding frame and frame parts, fittings, this area is the key of safety parts, in accordance with the standards of the European Union is straight not less than 150 mm in length, must be installed firmly not loose, cannot use methods such as screw or rivet, the strongest connection is currently welding, using cold pressing process, in the process of the part due to the use of aluminum alloy scaffolding, scaffolding will shake, cold pressing parts long time shaking will become loose, so it is not safe. Third, tee currently on the market sales of aluminum alloy scaffolding is a lot of do not conform to the requirements of the safety, not connected to the horizontal tube and vertical tube of tee, direct use of pipe and pipe butt welding, the production of aluminum alloy scaffolding framework's main purpose is to save material and cost, but for the safety and stability of the aluminum alloy scaffolding can produce bigger impact. The correct behavior should be like a graphic tee junction, and the three links, do not use the fragile die casting should use profile extrusion processing and into. The tee to make up would be stability, and won't produce fracture phenomenon. Aluminum alloy scaffolding qualification in the fourth, strengthening support graphic type aluminum alloy scaffolding framework for four edges, quadrilateral type of structure is not stable, the correct behavior should be in square type four corners and reinforcement support bar, makes the framework. Fifth, safety buckle aluminum alloy scaffolding framework and must be used to direct the framework of safety buckle connect framework fixed, and positioning, making framework cannot shake. The details is very important, but also on the market at present a lot of sales of aluminum alloy scaffolding without making such safety clasp. That is related to share about five aluminum alloy scaffolding qualification analysis, from the above, it is very important to the qualification of aluminum alloy scaffolding, if also want to know more friends welcome attention ladder Dr Yo.
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