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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Button scaffold are generally of hot dip galvanized, structures, beautiful. Stability. Button scaffold can be divided into 48 # 60 # tube and pipe. Wheel button scaffolding and button scaffold countries did not strict specification to define, but the site and the manufacturer used the four holes of faceplate call round buckle, eight disc hole of call button scaffold. Button scaffold is the mainstream of the scaffold connection mode, mainly used in the European and American countries and regions, is an upgraded version of the scaffold. Button scaffold main material are all made of low alloy structural steel, Gb Q345B) , strength higher than that of traditional scaffolding carbon-steel tubes ( Gb Q235) 1. 5 to 2 times. Button poling of scaffold materials and enhancement of the cross section, significantly improve the carrying capacity of the stud, simplifies the stents decorate a form, save the scaffold material of investment; Button scaffold between various components are connected by connecting pin, improve the speed of the support build-up and dismantling, and without help of large mechanical equipment, saving construction cost; Plate force clear button scaffolding, safe and reliable, unique formwork supports system simplified the working procedure, do not need to set the bar, is conducive to the appearance quality of concrete; Button scaffold completely in line with: the Chinese industry standard] GJ231 - - 2010 'construction socket type plate fastener type steel tube scaffold' requirements. Standard base main effect: the adjustable base position after placing standard base, with rail connections, can make the foundation solid and firm, make the follow-up operation shall be built more quickly. Diameter: 48 mmx3 phi. 2 mm to the disc is bounded, on, under the 100 mm long. Button scaffold using uniform plate from 500, with its stud rail and inclined pull rod and a tripod can build into different span and different section of bridge is supported, stage, lighting step-stone, bridge pier safety ladder, traditional bridge shuttering system bulky and is suitable for the specific specifications, the limitation is very big, button scaffold can be connected into different shapes of different function template bracket, meet the demand of various types of building. Button scaffold using unified galvanized surface treatment, in addition to reduce the high maintenance cost per capita, appearance is consistent, the atmosphere and beautiful silver also for engineering to promote the image. Aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold are main frame, frame, cross brace, scaffolding, adjustable base, etc. Now use the scaffold made of steel tube material is fastener type steel tube scaffold button, bowl type steel pipe scaffold, scaffolding, socket type steel pipe scaffold, gantry scaffold, trapezoidal scaffold, etc. In the construction will connect the scaffolding accessories, this is in order to facilitate loading and unloading operation, it is more convenient to use. Common method is to tie link, bolt connection, fasteners, socket connection, etc. , but different scaffolding fittings connection type is not the same, particular case is particular analysis. Button is used with aluminum alloy scaffolding scaffolding accessories, but it also can't be ignored, if there is no accessories in the scaffold is not independent of the construction. By scaffolding accessories used with scaffolding, can build a different model, can be applied to a variety of construction, urban construction and rural development is inseparable from it.
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