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Five steps to secure mobile scaffolding - Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
The use of the scaffold as you already know about, today small make up for everybody simple introduction of scaffolding method of secure mobile, will explain for you from the following five aspects. ( 1) Top mobile scaffolding foundation need, before the erection of the computation, meet the requirement of load, and set-up, and according to the construction of drainage measures. ( 2) Top mobile scaffolding need to attach great importance to all kinds of structural measures: bridging, node, etc. Shall be set up according to the requirement. ( 3) Level is closed: we should step up, step every step or two, be put with scaffolding plank hand or foot basketry, scaffolding to laid along, overlapping joint should be shelved in a small bar, it is forbidden to appear short board. And in every four step laid between stud and metope system bottom has long security. ( 4) Mobile scaffolding vertical closed: from step to step 5, each step must be in the outside vertical rod side set 1. 00 m high protective railings and pedal or set up network, protection and stud fastened up; Step 5 above in addition to the set a guard rail, set net should be all set its safety or security; In concentration areas or residents along the street, it should step up, outside all are safety basketry set net or security. ( 5) Of top mobile scaffold erection of steel pipes, fasteners, scaffolding and connections shall not be arbitrarily dismantled. When necessary, in the construction needs, with the approval of the site, head, and take effective measures to process is completed, immediately recover. Keywords: scaffold
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