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Floor type steel pipe scaffold dismantle safety technical clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
A, into the construction site must abide by the safety operating procedures and safety production discipline, special operations personnel must hold relevant certificates. Second, the demolition of field must be set up warning region, hanging eye-catching warning signs, operators are strictly forbidden in the alert area of passage or scaffold below continue to organize the construction. Ground monitoring personnel must perform their duties, high-rise building scaffolding demolished, should be equipped with good communication device. Three, carefully check the lifting machinery including rigging is safe and reliable, lifting machinery is not allowed to build on the scaffolding, should be another set. Four special climate, such as strong winds and heavy rain, should not be to dismantle scaffold. The demolition of homework, night should have good lighting. Five, all high homework personnel, should be strictly in accordance with high operation regulations and to observe the safety discipline, remove the process requirement. Six, building lock all the Windows must be closed in the body, don't allow to open or to the overhanging objects. Seven, while the erection of scaffolding, the lateral hurt due to prevent falling objects protection measures. Eight, after the demolition of personnel into the post, first check to reinforce the loose parts, clear steps within the layer of material, objects and garbage. Clear all things should be safety to the ground, it is strictly prohibited to high toss. On 9, according to the erection of the program, the safety net & rarr; Out feet & rarr; Protective railings & rarr; Joist & rarr; Bracing, even the wall bar & rarr; The ledger & rarr; Small bar & rarr; Stud. Ten, do not allow the discrete surface to dismantle or upper and lower two steps removed at the same time, Step type) 。 Seriously do it step by step, a rod. 11, all the wall bar, bracing, row insulation measures, step up measures must with scaffolding demolished a simultaneous decline. No first dismantled. All twelve, rods and fasteners, in dismantling should be separated, do not allow the pole pieces of the attached fastener conveying the ground, or two at the same time remove the ground. 13, all scaffolding, should be erected in the outgoing, carry, prevent from inside out, after the scaffolding garbage objects directly from the high fall injury. Fourteen welding gas cutting technology must be used within the time, scaffolding, should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the national special type of work and fire regulations. Must have fire prevention measures and personnel guards, equipped with hopper ( Barrels a day). To prevent Mars and cutting splash down. It is forbidden to unlicensed use hange tools. 15, after the completion of the day, should carefully check posts around the situation, such as finding hidden trouble, should be repaired in time or to finish to a program, a part of the end, may leave post. All 16, delivery to the ground rods, fasteners, such as object, should according to the kind of pile. Six and six levels of above to the 17th, when wind and fog, rain and snow weather should stop when the scaffolding demolition work. Rain, snow back on assignments due and anti-sliding measures, and shall remove snow. 18, field added disclosure content: clarificaiton signature: date:
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