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by:Shizhan     2020-06-25
Hotel to undertake banquet much more special, wedding party company dinner, etc. , large and small activities. Eating also need atmosphere, leading to speak up, performances at the dinner table, sing a song for a dance in a sketch, so become the stage for each hotel restaurant! How to choose the hotel activities stage? Strongly recommend our constant folding activity stage, first picture. The most important standard is safe choice stage. Safety! Safety! The important thing three times! Now news often report stage collapse, so the use of local must buy for good! Buy really strongly recommend our hotel banquet activities stage stage, conscience, recommended! Some stage is aluminum alloy material on the market, the need to piece together manually, then connect the feet, sometimes see merchants themselves don't feel safe in this stage. Our stage main body with Angle, frame structure, main body stents using square steel composition, mesa adopts drying peeler, spread again on the shop fireproof fiber carpet, the color of carpet can be customized, conventional is red, also can be customized gray black, etc. , all metal antirust processing, electrostatic spraying, belt wheel, feet can scale transform height. Our hotel activities can be dancing dancing dancing on the stage. Often have customers ask we can dance, the answer is definitely no problem, our folding stage strong security. At the same time our hotel banquet activities stage can be folded, and then with a universal wheel below. When not away, folded up, do not take a position, move the time also is very convenient, don't need to find a N, with the help of the big man with castor wheels, move easily, where where, just want to want to move forward is to go forward, want to back to back, follow one's inclinations, mother don't have to worry about, so easy! If you have other requirement and idea, can contact us. How to calculate how many stage, then you tell me the width of your stage, so I can help you to calculate how much you will need a stage. Have any question welcome to jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD.
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