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For mobile scaffolding painted painted painted appetites mobile scaffolding button scaffolding construction steel pipe scaffold - Jiangsu Shizhan feet

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Mobile scaffold, many friends for the use of mobile scaffold is one of the more frequent, but there are some questions about mobile scaffolding common sense don't know if you have noticed that the following is our simple introduction. What is the function of mobile scaffold bracing: in order to prevent the scaffold longitudinal deformation, improve the overall stiffness of scaffold. Scaffolding safety regulations of foreign line in place? : the line - foreign investment Side ramp up and down the scaffold installation. Scaffolding and unloading platform links? : should be independent setting unloading platform. Steel tubes are not allowed to be used to scaffold installation? : serious corrosion, flattening, bending, crack pipe. Fasteners should not be used? : in the crack, deformation, shrinkage, it is not allowed to use slide wire. Signs of the unloading platform rises? : prompt card limit load. What is generally not more than seven type scaffold erection height meters? : no more than 45 meters. To improve the overall framework movement safety requirements in place? : lifting frame body. The ascent safety equipment ten? : fall prevention device and the overturning device. Above is our common sense for mobile scaffolding problem of simple introduction, hope to help everyone understand mobile scaffold, have not understand of place, welcome to inquire.
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