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by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
In recent years, with the rapid development of construction industry, construction market heating up, is the market for construction equipment. Scaffolding as one of the most important equipment in the construction, the construction enterprises pay more and more attention to the quality and properties of scaffolds, each manufacturer of scaffolding continuous improvement to upgrade, scaffold for tengda company produce of disc scaffolding rely on safe, convenient and efficient performance become the primary choice of the construction unit. Button scaffold bracket consists of poling, level pole, diagonal, adjustable base, and the adjustable bracket components, with its erection speed, high efficiency, greatly reduce human consumption, greatly shorten the construction period, and the power transmission path is clear, structure is safe and stable, no loose parts, not easily lost, and high durability, popular social priority, such as appearance, etc. 's this kind of good quality, function button scaffold is more widely used in bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, storage shelves, and the big concert stage set equipment in decoration construction. Scaffold for tengda company offer the scaffold in the superstitious idea, pass the product quality, strict quality control of erection of premise, to ensure the safety of the scaffold project overall. Button scaffold poling acceptance casing or socket connection bars coherent, degree and thread diagonal accepted rod end discussion card into a coherent set, with wedge bolt heart-the connection, form the steel pipe support structure geometric invariant system. Shenzhen tengda scaffolding company to set up the concept of safety development to carry forward the ideas of life first, safety first. Therefore, for your safety, we must choose a safe and reliable scaffolding for your security escort. Tengda peace at this point, the shenzhen science and technology development co. , LTD. Of the scaffold is preferred: oh, it's good quality, functional excellence, products are trustworthy. Button scaffold in use process how to maintain? 1, the designated persons every day on a scaffold inspection tour inspection, check the vertical rod, plate have a sink, loose, frame body all fasteners have a slide fastener, loose, complete frame to each component is complete. 2, scaffolding foundation should be well drained. After the rain, to the scaffold to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the foundation, it is strictly prohibited to scaffolding base of water in the sink. 3, the operational layer construction load shall not exceed 270 kg/square metre, shall not cross bar support, such as cable wind rope fixed on the scaffolding, pensile clog on scaffolds shall be strictly prohibited. 4, anyone is forbidden to dismantle scaffold on any parts. 5, in the wind, fog, rain and snow weather conditions, banning all operations in the abnormal weather, continue to run after the weather to improve before the inspection problems after work. Button scaffold usage? From the following five aspects to you. ( 1) Senior mobile scaffolding needs a solid foundation, calculated in advance, in order to meet the load demand, according to the construction of erection, good drainage measures an erection. ( 2) Top mobile scaffolding need to attach great importance to all kinds of structural measures: according to the requirements set bracing, nodes, etc. ( 3) Horizontal sealing: beginning steps or every two steps, scaffolding or planks should be covered, scaffolding should be long direction laid, juncture place should be overlapping in a small bar, free board is not allowed. Every four step system and laid long security fence end between the anode and the wall. ( 4) Mobile scaffolding vertical closed: from step to step 5, each step must be in the outside vertical rod side set 1. 00 m high protective railings and pedal or set up network, protection and stud fastened up; Step 5 above in addition to the set a guard rail, set net should be all set its safety or security; In concentration areas or residents along the street, it should step up, outside all are safety basketry set net or security. ( 5) Complete the top removed scaffold on the aluminum tube, steel tube, fastener, scaffolding and connections shall not remove casually. When necessary, during construction shall be subject to consent by the construction site, head, and take effective measures, and resume immediately after the construction completion.
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