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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Division/component/process/area/activity template support system, scaffolding, temporary building potential dangerous targets to prevent collapse collapse accident main management scheme and technical measures 1, execute the railway roadbed engineering construction safety technical regulations on TB10302 - 2009, the railway bridge engineering construction safety technical regulations on TB10303 - Specifications such as 2009, when compiling the construction organization design, to develop prevention collapse of special construction scheme and safety technical measures, and carries on the design calculation and is checked according to the specification, after training and disclosure, organize the implementation; 2, formwork supports system, external scaffolding, construction needs to be done in accordance with the design and the technical specification, and to set up temporary fixed facilities, to adopt qualified components, severe corrosion, deformation, fracture, shall be used for desoldering, bolts loose steel support material for pillar and support column base should be strong, and according to the design calculation of strict control template support system of the settlement, supporting pillar foundation for soil ground, drainage measures should be taken, for the ground level, consolidate, and added that could satisfy the requirement of bearing capacity of support plate, may be used to support columns, inclined support and columns should be strong to pull, line into a whole, in strict accordance with the specification for inspection and acceptance, when necessary, the preloading load test of formwork support system, guarantee the bearing capacity of strength and stability; 3, during the period of construction shall not be arbitrarily dismantled bar, want to demolish, to conform to the requirements of the specification; 4, when making, scaffolding dismantling formwork support system, to be under a unified command, according to the first open, after the first order after the demolition, the components and reinforcement of the same layer outside the pieces according to after the first in, first in order, when necessary, set up temporary pull to meet; 5, special high operation personnel shall hold relevant certificates, and go through physical, qualified rear can mount guard. 6, temporary construction should according to the geological data and the design specification, type and plane layout, the basis of the temporary buildings and construction according to construction regulation, construction site temporary construction and building materials such as the spacing should comply with technical standards. 7, temporary building outside for street or pedestrian access, construction unit reinforcement measures should be taken. Banned the construction of the fence wall above or close to the construction of the fence erect signs advertising or propaganda, construction of the lateral wall should be forbid people to stay, aggregation and pile earthwork warnings, goods, etc. 8, the construction site use packaged activity houses should have product certificate, acceptance after construction units in the assembly, the experience of qualified after being signed, can use, the place such as the bottom of build-up in the open and the mobile home windproof, flood control, and should be taken to prevent the measures such as heavy rain. 9, according to the 'building construction safety inspection standards' JGJ59 - 99 standard such as security checks, monitoring, supervise and urge the rectification to find problems in time, and the rectification of validation. Implement unit every shelf team and construction team starting and ending time monitoring department, quality department, engineering construction process
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