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From thinking - 'suspended scaffolding' Hot dip galvanized plate buckles timbering contact - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the high

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Hot galvanizing plate buckles timbering contact phone number: 18420150310 in # 4 furnace back powder tube 11 metres above 10 m platform, the tally department staff are set up with a dangling scaffold. The scaffold hung all around, with a few frame pole ingeniously built a hair on the back to the powder tube beam, although all dangling, but frame pole is very strong, the tally department staff in the measurement of pipe wall thickness on the shelves, welding supplement the steel block is very at ease, the set-up of shelves are tally department employees. So dangerous scaffold in the working practices of the past, due to poor working place dangerous working conditions are outsourced to the contractor. So the sub-contractor hours has been the focus of the maintenance costs are consumed the tally department project. A pair of keen eyes all see the department outsourced man-hour consumption of the maintenance fee is bigger, the tally department decided from reduced outsourced man-hour fluctuation kongfu, nothing more than to commission are nothing more than commission, have outsourced work will let it completely well, ensure the quality. In # 4 - so the tally department 2 powder pipe funnelled back processing make a bold attempt, the work of the pilot to create a new situation of the income. This year companies operating in the form of grim, companies are saving up and down to achieve the goal of income. Tally as production department actively take action to change extravagance and waste, cutbacks and land on the tally department daily work schedule, from material spare parts drawing checks to responsibility to all spending projects designed and shift to reduce expenses, repair spare parts will not change during the inspection, can not hurt, never drops in 'living' carefully. Save, save the tally department is to make bricks without straw ', not only to do need to get this 'bricks without straw.
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