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Fuyong new and scaffolding Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan safety technology

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
After fuyong new and scaffolding of pre-service training for new employees, see the company's emphasis on new employees, the company hope that we can better and faster to adapt to their own work, reduce the difficulties in the future work. 。 Training this week let me learned previously untouched, from ignorance to ignorance to basic grasp, I think also need a period of time, slowly digestion and absorption in the later work practice. 。 Everybody to learn the professional knowledge are always so many years of work experience, zhang and his work. 。 We must live up to his expectations of us. First day to know the basic situation of fuyong new and company, and went to the construction project of the company and the warehouse: university city, vanke project, tea warehouse, let me feel the company's growth, from the company's general contracting project to the whole material equipment leasing to the scaffold design and installation, and service engineering construction, this is a complete industrial chain, which is a one-stop business model, let me see the bright future of the company. Next day to learn the company's culture and etiquette, also saw the company attaches great importance to the cultural quality of staff, reflected a good company needs a high-cultural high-quality team. 。 Afternoon learning materials, know how to take care of materials; Material cleaning and maintenance. 。 All these need to be responsible for employees, otherwise fuyong new and the company will suffer unnecessary losses. On the third day of learning is a new and scaffolding fuyong quotation should provide information material, decorate the scaffold and the purpose of the civil engineering scaffold, the size of the quantities, the erection method, height and tolerance, transport passage, laying requirements, the condition of the erection of the use of time, the difficulty of field management, accommodation and other are all must be clear. Quotation analysis of factors: the construction period, the turnover, maintenance, requirements, and difficult to take into account the platform, the quotation of the requirement for detailed clear, sure good price unit. Material lease should understand the matters. Fourth day main study is the professional knowledge of the scaffold, scaffolding components: steel, fasteners, cantilever steel scaffolding, scaffolding, adjustable jacking and tap, and the material specifications, weight material and types: the classification of the scaffold. Fuyong new and scaffolding link way, etc. Behind a few days to learn the employee handbook and marketing. In general benefited from fuyong new and scaffolding to study hard in the work, after work in earnest.
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