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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Mindong galvanized plate buckle stents contact phone number: 18420150310 galvanized pipe manufacturer to tell you the scaffolding steel pipe frame knowledge: the classification of the pipe rack domestic made of scaffold materials have a fastener type scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, socket scaffold, gantry scaffolding, scaffolding, hang in there are all kinds of scaffolding scaffolding and other materials. From its material and structure, and it can be roughly divided into the following: 1, according to the materials of bar division 1) A single specification of pipe frame. It USES only one kind of specifications, such as the fastener scaffold, using only Ф 48 & amp; 次; 3. 5 welding. 2) Combination of a variety of specifications tube shelf. It consists of two or more of the composition of different specifications, such as gantry scaffolding. Vertical crossover operation is the main risk of falling objects, objects may fall off or falling due to external force, injured at the bottom of the personnel or vehicles, the spark of welding splash down burns down below the staff or the material below. Scaffold construction safety precautions: 1. Staff or vehicles are below the surface, or perhaps into operation at the bottom of the case, in the assignment to the ban on any form of vertical cross homework; 2. Palisade and indicate the above operation area, obstruct personnel or vehicles, and use the security identity cause their vigilance; 3. Set the supervisors ensure that other people won't go to work area below; Mindong galvanized plate buckles support contact information
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