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【 Gantry scaffolding 】 'Leaked' charm make people can't resist! Painted doors scaffold scaffold for metro u bowl scaffold - Jiangsu Sh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
【 Gantry scaffolding at http://www. atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? cpid = 26】 Widely used in civil buildings, Bridges, ships, aircraft, large equipment installation, maintenance, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration, etc. , it is safe, flexible, convenient, efficient, so the gantry scaffolding has great market value, is the second generation of ordinary steel pipe scaffold updated products. Let's enjoy a look at his unique charm! Gantry scaffolding advantages: 1, production materials: less ordinary steel pipe scaffold per square meters using steel 180 tons steel, gantry construction scaffolding only 105 tons, saving a 41. 6%. 2, long service life: because the door type steel pipe scaffold with hot dip galvanized processing, corrosion resistance and service life of 15 years or so, the average service life of steel pipe scaffold for easy to rust with only the half of the scaffold. 3, high rental yield: lease about 6 yuan per square meter to reduce the cost, including labor saving 2. 5 yuan, bamboo to save 1 yuan, fasteners to save 0. Save $1, 5 yuan, free paint steel pipe cutting save $1. 4, fast construction efficiency: the erection gantry construction scaffolding is quicker than ordinary steel tube scaffold. 5, safety performance is good, because the door building scaffold layers of laid steel scaffolding, large scissors tide and small scissors to cooperate with each other, make the frame body and the safety of construction are fully guaranteed. 6, small loss of fasteners: for ordinary steel pipe scaffold needs a lot of fasteners, fastener more easy to damage and loss, but also increase the maintenance cost, only about 32000 per square meters outside the frame, and the building door type scaffold with fasteners around 3000 only. 7, good visual effect: the common steel pipe scaffold rusting, jagged, uneven, gantry construction scaffolding uniformity, colour and lustre beautiful beautiful appearance.
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