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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy frame contact phone number: 18420150310 in the process of social engineering work, scaffold is one of the essential tools, such as road and bridge construction site, the advertising industry, municipal, transportation, mining and other sectors. Because the scaffold can be set up to a good level, so not only is a kind of can help to construction personnel and operation of high altitude installation components, but also can be used as a peripheral safety net enclosure, etc. So, like this plays a vital role in the engineering of scaffolding is how to build? Here is to introduce the scaffold erection method, together and see it! Scaffold species has a lot of, including the fastener scaffold, gantry scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, scaffold and aluminum alloy scaffolding, etc. But because of the space, can't introduce all kinds of scaffolding erection method, so this article is to introduce you to the door type scaffold erection method. Gantry scaffolding method: 1, before the erection of scaffolding door, the first thing you need to know what is the sequence of the scaffold erection, basic preparation -- Put plate - Put the base - Vertical two common single door frame - Install the cross bar - Installation of scaffolding, will the above order as the foundation, repeat install door frame, cross bar, scaffolding. 2, scaffolding is based on the ground, extended upward into the air components, so the foundation must be solid, generally need to laying a layer of 100 mm honest slag, and should do well drainage slope, in case of water. 3, the door of the scaffold erection should keep from one end to the other direction, and yi scaffold should be the next step to complete before the scaffold erection, shangbu scaffold erection of direction contrary to the next step of scaffolding. 4, now at the end of the scaffold endpoint base insert two common door frame, and then immediately with cross bar the door frame, and lock the lock plate. Note: according to the steps at the back of the door frame to build good, each cross, to immediately put on cross rod and lock. 5, the outer edge of the scaffold need to set the vertical and longitudinal continuous bracing, and must be set and the structure of the reliable links, connector between the transverse spacing is not greater than 3 step frame, the vertical spacing is not greater than 3 steps. That is related to the gantry scaffolding, introduction, don't know these content is useful to all of you? Although unusual home is used not only on the scaffold, but it is indispensable in building engineering, convenience of construction personnel work, as well as to protect the safety of the construction. Aluminum alloy frame
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