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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Scaffolding, must be opposite before the shelves, accessories, strengthening inspection should be in accordance with the specification acceptance, unqualified is strictly prohibited. Scaffold erection site should be clean, neat cement, and drainage. Foundation construction of special safety construction organization design should be according to the door frame, Construction plan) And safety technical measures on the basis of disclosure should play out first erect stem position line, plate, the base position should be accurate. Don't match the door frame and accessories shall not be mixed in the same scaffold. The door frame installation should be from one end to the other end, not relative. After take the step, should check and adjust the levelness and verticality. Cross sustaining, horizontal plane and scaffold board should follow the installation of the door frame set (in time When hang buckle type scaffold board is used, not set level frame) , connected to the door frame and accessories arm lock, toggle hook must lock b, the hold. Horizontal plane and scaffold board should be in the same small set in a row, scaffolding must be covered, yan, no gap. The underlying steel ladder should be set at the bottom of steel pipe and useful fastener fasten on the door frame of poling, steel ladder shall be set on both sides of the armrest, every step can span two or three steps door frame again turn. Protective railings, hang thick eye safety net should be set on the outside of scaffolding operation layer, the inner side of the door frame stud. Reinforcing rod, scissors must go hand in hand with the scaffold erection. Scaffold height 20 m, every step four set, bracing width is 4 to 8 m, 45 & deg Angle with the ground; -60度; 。 According to the request of landing foot hand scissors after long poles. Horizontal reinforcing bar should be in the inside door frame stud, bracing should be in door poling lateral, firm and buckle. Even the wall piece, authors must set a simultaneous with the scaffold, it is forbidden to lag set or after the erection of fill do. When scaffold homework layer above the adjacent wall has two steps, measures should be taken to ensure the stability of the temporary pull, until after the erection of the wall, shall be removed. Wall Settings: 45 m, rack high vertical & le; 6 m per second, up level & le; 8米; Frame 45 to 60 m high, vertical & le; 4 m, each layer set, level & le; 6 m, and should comply with the rules. The firmware, even the wall and door frame connected by fasteners, fastener specifications must match with the steel tube diameter, fastener bolt tightening, the appropriate torque for 50 to 60 n & middot; M, and shall not be less than 40 n & middot; m。 Completion of scaffolding or acceptance inspection must be conducted the piecewise build-up, qualified after being signed, available for use. Dismantle scaffolds shall be stipulated in the demolishing scheme clarificaiton. Dismantle the shelves should be removed before materials, tools and sundry, dismantled the zone should be set up and hang a warning sign, and hold people accountable for monitoring. Demolition order, from one end to the other end, step by step a top-down manner, components and strengthening of the same layer should press, after the first outside before they are in order, finally removed the wall piece, long horizontal bar and bracing must be demolished in the scaffold to the relevant door frame, shall be removed. Workers must stand in the temporary Settings on the scaffolding of disassembly operations. Demolition job, it is forbidden to use a hammer and other hard hitting, pry. Removing connection parts, should first will lock lock plate and the card on the hook on the lock plate rotate to the open position, then removed, and shall not be hard to pull, percussion. Remove the door frame, steel pipes and fittings, shall be made by the derrick bundles with mechanical lifting or transmitted to the ground, to prevent the collision, it is forbidden to throw. Supplementary disclosure content:
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