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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
【 Gantry scaffolding 】 Widely used in civil buildings, Bridges, ships, aircraft, large equipment installation, maintenance, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration, etc. , it is safe, flexible, convenient, efficient, so the gantry scaffolding has great market value, is the second generation of ordinary steel pipe scaffold updated products. Let's take a look at his unique charm! Gantry scaffolding advantages: 1, production materials: less ordinary steel pipe scaffold per square meters using steel 180 tons steel, gantry construction scaffolding only 105 tons, saving a 41. 6%. 2, long service life, with 15 years of hot dip galvanized steel, corrosion resistance, the life of the scaffold, ordinary steel scaffolding and other easy to rust, because life is only half of the gantry scaffolding. 3 the scaffold, gantry scaffolding compared with ordinary it rental cost is lower, the leasing price lower 6 yuan per square meter, including labor saving 2. 5 yuan, bamboo to save 1 yuan, fasteners to save 0. Save $1, 5 yuan, free paint steel pipe cutting save $1. 4, fast construction efficiency: gantry scaffolding, speed is common steel scaffolding of more than two times. 5, good safety performance: as the steel scaffolding laid in gantry construction scaffolding on the ground, the shears tide and small scissors to cooperate with each other, make the scaffolding and the safety of construction personnel have been fully guaranteed. 6, small loss of fasteners in the production of ordinary steel pipe scaffold needs a lot of fasteners, once more fasteners will easy to damage is often easy to loss, so not only increased the loss, but also increase the maintenance cost, ordinary scaffolding around 32000 per million square meters outside the frame, and the building door type scaffold with fasteners around 3000 only. 7, visual effect is good, ordinary steel pipe scaffold rusty spot, the dog tooth and uneven, Windows and doors scaffold uniform appearance, color and beautiful. Gantry scaffolding not only as an external stents, can also be used as a scaffold or down the house. In the construction industry, therefore, can be applied to multiple areas, is a construction worker safety and security. Summarizes several below small make up such a scaffold application range. 1, used for buildings, halls, Bridges, overpass, tunnel and other template supporting roof or fly die within the frame. 2, as a high-rise building inside and outside the gate scaffolding. 3, for mechanical and electrical installation, ship hull building and other decoration engineering activities of the working platform. 4, the use of scaffold with simple roof, can constitute a temporary site dormitory, the warehouse or barrack. 5, balcony and terrace for tower set up temporary. To sum up, the above-mentioned content in detail. Doors scaffold can be applied to different fields, the effect is good. Users need to rent products, welcome to come to consult.
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