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by:Shizhan     2020-08-31
Scaffold advantages usability: door scaffold custom design is reasonable, the seriation, convenient for transportation, storage and site management, for the construction site management standardization, civilization has created favorable conditions. Type door, remove the scaffold erection without other tools, easy to operate, fast, and is particularly safe aerial work, is an ideal material reliability: building yes doors scaffold give full play to the role of the framework combination, stable performance is good, interlayer walkway level off, the whole structure is stable and reliable, operation environment neat and uniform. To ensure that products used for a long time without rust, products inside and outside surface of the hot dip galvanized processing, improved the surface corrosion resistance, prolong the service life. Applicability: scaffold is widely used in hotels, construction sites, factories, stadium, exhibition center, stage, billboards, shopping malls, railway stations, docks, airports, Bridges, tunnels, subway, shipbuilding and other industrial and civil building construction and maintenance. Economy: scaffold due to high strength steel and hot dip galvanizing technology, single light weight, economic and durable, and greatly reduces the product cost of paint for many times, so as to make the product cost is decreased obviously. Door scaffolding scaffolding, remove the convenience and high efficiency, and can save a lot of Labour although there are many advantages of gantry scaffolding, but inevitable shortcomings also has some shortcomings no flexibility, frame size frame size of any changes to switch to another type of door frame and its accessories cross sustaining easily broken in the hinge points in price is more expensive, in general, efficient doors scaffold in the modern construction industry, not only against the construction worker safety protection purposes, but also can guarantee the continuity of operations, meet the needs of the construction operation of material handling and stacking requirements; Construction in the construction of high-level, homework personnel can have protective effect on high, in order to ensure the personal safety of construction personnel; Can satisfy the multi-storey building operations, crossover operation, and type of work flow operation between job requirements.
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