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Gao Shunming set-up security technical clarificaiton - outside the frame Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Xia Cunliang outrigger team: the main structure has been completed, the project has entered the outside decoration should be outside the erection of scaffolding, anew by the project department, team is responsible for by you on September 14, 2010, began to set before the erection for your team to do the following safety technical disclosure, hope you each shift operators strictly according to the disclosure. A, all that enter the construction site, must comply with the various management rules and regulations stipulated in the project department, at the site is strictly prohibited to the fight, it is strictly prohibited on the site or, it is forbidden to steal, pay attention to product protection. Two, the operator must pass through the professional safety training, medical examination, and obtain special operation operation qualification certificate issued by the relevant departments to rear can mount guard. Third, in the process of operation, must adhere to safety first, prevention first. Must wear safety helmet, fasten your seat belt, right wear non-slip shoes, it is forbidden to physical discomfort or drunk. Four, the operator must obey the arrangement of the project department management, personnel appointed by project department is responsible for the unified command, unified coordination, cooperate with the decoration company site management personnel with serious and responsible to complete the task. Five, an outer layer in the process of the erection, inner poling, stud, longitudinal bar spacing, etc in accordance with the decoration company provides an outer layer of the erection plan implementation, in the build-up to delimit the danger zone on the construction site, and hold people accountable for regulation. Six, is used to connect an outer layer of hard steel tube column connection, must guarantee the stability of the frame body. Homework layer scaffold planks should be laid tightly, lower application AnQuanPing string bag at the end of every 10 m set a level of protection, the scaffold of the lateral application of dense mesh type safety net for fully enclosed, there shall not be void, dense mesh type safety net should be reliably fixed on the frame body, the ends of the frame body outer facade each set a bracing, and continuous Settings should be from bottom to top, middle of the clear distance between bracing should not be greater than 15 m, width of each bracing should not be less than 4 spans, diagonal Angle with the ground should be in 45 ° - Between 60 °. After seven, outside the frame build-up, outside the frame by the project department organization group, the outside decoration team, security, technology and other relevant personnel to common acceptance, think qualified after the handover formalities can use. Above clarificaiton please shift the operating personnel carefully executed. Should be a good dog county street construction company directly under six Gao Shunming projects department on September 14, 2010
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