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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
General also called FRP glass fiber scaffold scaffold in the field of electronics, rail transportation, building development prospect is very big, growth is very quickly, often used in power system insulation scaffold. Glass fiber reinforced plastic with low density, only a quarter of the steel, but the intensity is high, has good anti corrosion resistance, and insulation, simple process etc. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is our term of fiber reinforced plastics is a kind of composite material, in a variety of resin as matrix, glass into a very fine silks, to fibers woven products, in construction, automotive, communications and other fields are widely used. Glass is a kind of strength is not high, easy to brittle material, but it will melt into a very thin glass fibre, its performance will change, this kind of glass fibre fine intensity is high, can even woven cloth. Glass fiber as reinforced concrete, glass fibre as their hard steel bar in concrete, resin as adhesive cement, glass fibre and resin combination of both the composition of glass, like steel strength, which is why this kind of material is glass fiber reinforced plastic. Glass fiber main ingredients for silica, alumina and boron oxide and magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, sodium oxide, etc. , according to the amount of alkali content, in the glass can be classified as non-alkali glass fiber ( 0% ~ 2% sodium oxide, aluminum borosilicate glass) , in the alkali glass fiber ( 8% ~ 12% sodium oxide, boron or not boron sodium calcium silicate glass) And high alkali glass fiber ( More than 13% sodium oxide, sodium calcium silicate glass) 。 Electrical insulating materials according to JB/T219721996 electrical insulation product classification can be divided into eight categories, and there are six classes associated with glass fiber, which is sufficient to explain glass fiber in the application of this field. Glass fiber according to the general glass raw material composition, monofilament diameter, fiber properties, such as fiber appearance classification. Glass fiber has twisted roving, direct roving, chopped strand, woven roving, fiberglass mat, friction material, continuous glass fiber, etc. To the fiber characteristics classification: fiber high strength glass fiber; High modulus glass fibers; High temperature resistant glass fiber; Alkali resistant glass fiber; Acid-resistant glass fiber; Ordinary glass fiber ( Refers to alkali and alkali glass fiber) ; Optical fiber; Low dielectric constant glass fiber; Conductive fiber, etc. Our country electrical insulating materials in glass fiber volume more than 200000 tons, in recent years the average growth rate in the double digits. This 6 materials include: impregnated products, glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic laminated products molding chat, mica products, insulation adhesive tape and composite products, electromagnetic wire. Electronic glass fiber yarn is the key to the sheet of raw materials, about 25% of the cost of copper clad - 40%, the preparation of printed circuit board ( PCB) The core link of the upstream industry chain. As a result, the demand of electronic glass fiber cloth and sheet, the development of printed circuit board industry relevance is very large. Forward-looking industry institute released '2015 - In 2020 China's glass fiber industry production and marketing and investment demand forecast analysis report, electronic field is China's glass fiber downstream application market in the second largest area. According to statistics, China's electronics demand for glass fiber glass fiber products consumption accounted for about 21%.
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