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by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
General general scaffolding material is steel, have a plenty of aluminum alloy. Typically are used widely, and its main there are three: ( 1) Scaffolding is a temporary structure, with the similar structure, attached to the structure of another if just in order to increase its stability, are independent; ( 2) Rely on buildings ( Usually buildings under construction) Provide structural support scaffold; ( 3) Cage scaffold is an independent structure space, is often used to install and use the internal work. General scaffolding according to the following management ( 1) Design organization should be able to assure its carrying capacity; ( 2) Should be able to withstand the additional load; ( 3) The quality of the components of the scaffold structure and maintain the good; ( 4) Installation and installation of scaffold design, design and requirements of the load are in accordance with relevant standards. ( 5) On the edge of the platform laid floor complete all work platform, armrest, fence or other protective measures should be adopted, to prevent personnel or material fall from platform; ( 6) Provide appropriate and safe method, make the personnel, materials and so on to reach the work platform; ( 7) Placed safely in all the materials on the working platform shall be piled up, not overload; ( Eight) Without permission, not allowed to change the details of the complete structure. ( 9) After the completion of structures, and then at the appropriate time interval ( Usually once a week) , for the first time to check the details should be recorded and preserved.
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