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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Indoor decoration scaffolding generally use aluminum alloy scaffolding acceptance requirements as follows: a, aluminum alloy scaffolding to check first rung is fastening, pedal is safe. Second, shelf arrangement, stud, size bar spacing should comply with the requirements. Three, shelves, authors and assembly, including the selection of tool holder and key should comply with the requirements. Fourth, even the wall point or fixed part and structure should be safe and reliable; Bracing, brace should comply with the requirements. Five, scaffolding safety protection, safety insurance device to be effective; Fasteners and tie tighten degree should comply with the regulations. Six, scaffolding hoisting machinery, steel wire rope, such as the installation of the derrick to safe and reliable, the laying of scaffold board should comply with the rules. Seven general scaffolding with castor, indoor decoration, convenient mobile paint the walls, brush the ceiling, but must casters with brakes, to prevent slipping. Indoor decoration scaffolding refers to the set-up of metope and ceiling decoration construction scaffolding. Indoor decoration scaffold has been put in synthesis in the adornment of the corresponding project quota, without the other entries are billing. But need to calculated separately in the following circumstances: ( 1) Indoor height above with canopy roof plate need to underside of plaster, can increase indoor decoration aluminum alloy scaffolding scaffolding. But I did not deduct interior wall decoration no longer calculate scaffolding, plaster fixed in simple scaffold; If only the interior wall plaster ceiling plaster and days, even taller than, also can't take indoor decoration scaffolding, only according to the interior wall vertical projection area of meter in the scaffold. ( 2) Height in the above of the surface of the wall, column, beam and plate bottom of jointing, brush or spray project alone, facility fee RMB per m2, shall not take indoor decorate the scaffold. ( 3) , balcony, hallway, doors, awning facade is decorated, if it outstand the wall 80 cm or more, according to the length of the positive factor, meter jump cost of scaffolding. When calculating the interior decoration engineering scaffold, shall be calculated on canopy projection area in square meters. Fang indoor height than but not more than, can be directly applied indoor decoration scaffolding norm child within days. If the indoor height per over, more than add a super-tall calculation. The characteristics of aluminum alloy scaffolding: 1 scaffolding is convenient to use, can choose according to the need of using single layer and multilayer, monomer, conjoined, and can be installed castor parallel moving; 2 tear open outfit simple, do not need technology, as long as the ordinary workers can complete; 3 easy to store, need not when can stack storage; Use galvanized scaffolding process, greatly increase its service life; As the saying goes, do things to be stead fast, at the time of using natural should also follow this principle, can't do half-finished, indoor decoration work out later about dismantling scaffolding is required' Indoor decoration scaffolding 】 Demolition of order and requirements: cardiac should be dismantled from top to bottom, is strictly prohibited and homework at the same time. Derive all with scaffolding fittings shall be removed one by one, it is strictly prohibited to connect wall again after a whole layer or layers of demolition dismantled scaffold, segmented dismantling height should not be more than two steps. Cardiac should be dismantled from top to bottom, forbidden and homework at the same time. Is left when aluminum alloy scaffolding demolition to the height of the bottom after a long post, should be set-up temporary cast in place after the reinforcement, demolition of the wall again. Cardiac should be dismantled from top to bottom, forbidden and homework at the same time. Cardiac scaffolding demolition material, should pass, in turn it is forbidden to throw to the ground. All removed the pipe and fasteners should be unified arrangement pattern, do not arbitrarily discarded.
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