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Glass fiber scaffold is glass fiber scaffold, is a insulation scaffold - Common problems - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Glass fiber scaffold is an insulation scaffolding, it does not conduct electricity, is ideal for use under charged sites. Glass fiber scaffold in general use glass fiber ( Also known as the glass fiber reinforced plastic) And epoxy resin ( PE) Material, use security anti abortion connector design, solid and reliable, and don't have any installation tools, super convenient climbing operators use. A security structure, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, conductive, sparks, convenient use and high mechanical strength, good insulation performance. Applicable to a variety of electric construction sites and high altitude charged operation, such as oil refineries, computer room, aviation, power stations, railways, environmental protection, chemical plant maintenance, industrial gas, pavilion, etc. , is the ideal substitute of insulating lift platform at present. In 35 kv, 60 kv, 110 kv, 220 kv, 500 kv high-voltage electrical system under maintenance of applicability is especially striking. Factory production of glass fiber scaffold need to meet GB17620 - 1998 'live working with insulation gangway general technical conditions' and through the national authoritative department detection. Fiberglass insulation scaffolding itself bring thickening polyurethane casters, caster with brake and mat brace, detailed installation steps are as follows: 1, castor will be inserted at the bottom of the pipe rack. 2, to help both sides pipe rack with rail connection at both ends. Rail card tongues with security against the insurance. 3, good framework with diagonal stable is connected. 4, installation work platform as a pedal. Open the window and one-piece two kinds. 5, installation brace. Distance can be adjusted. 6, according to the 1 - Four steps to install the second the third floor. There are several kinds of insulating scaffolding style? How long is the life for? In the insulation scaffolding crawl, oblique, single width ( 0. 75米) And the double width ( 1. 35米) Four, convenient and flexible, diverse, authors, 1200 kg of bearing, the ladder beam, ladder prop for half a transmission connection, and USES the whole root solid circular glass fiber bar perfect wearing reinforcement, pipe wall thickness is 2. 6 and 3 mm. Two 5 mm, to receive strength evenly in the reasonable effect, to 15 years of free maintenance, service life for 30 years. What circumstances insulation scaffolding must use brace? Single width scaffolding pedal more than 4 m, double the width of scaffolding pedal height more than 6 rn, must use external support plate. Platform height is 15 m, it must be with stiffener. Insulation scaffolding how many money? 2 m price is probably is 4000 - 5000 yuan, 7 meters price of around 20000. Each manufacturer production quality and process cost, cause there are differences between the market price of quotation. Insulation scaffolding don't use in a rainy day, lest cause an accident, while glass fiber does not conduct electricity, but current travels down the rain conductive.
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