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Glass stage three considerations - security problem Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-21
Glass stage space, can show the colorful dream constantly attract audience's attention, many merchants, performing arts industry, such as soil using glass stage effect, the use of its strong promotion force for promotion. At the same time, the stage effect was deeply loved by the audience, to increase the enthusiasm of the audience to participate in activities. In this behind its success, we need the earth to reduce safety hidden trouble, here we focus on material from the stage, stage, stage maintenance of three aspects: attention, solve the problem of security possible stage, nip in the bud. Glass dance or background frame structures, note: l, glass stage XuanChuanTai should choose the appropriate site, people can choose from intensive and building a prosperous area or creditworthiness, high-profile public places, and can effectively attract audience attention is advantageous to the activity and popularization, to strengthen propaganda background structures, stage 2, glass should be considered the traffic convenience, can strengthen the audience to take an active part in activities, let the platform has more advertising space, also prevent the insecurity, is advantageous to the audience concentrated evacuation. 3, the electric equipment can not be ignored, good equipment has obvious effect on campaign, properly apply better equipment and stage of form a complete set, the role of the glass stage. Glass stage lighting equipment is particularly important, is the key to attract audience impression, sound equipment is one of the important factors, of course, good quality and colorful lighting effect, can active the whole stage.
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