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The "Big Stage" of the Tokyo Olympics Made in Wuxi

The "Big Stage" of the Tokyo Olympics Made in Wuxi


On the big stage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there is a busy figure of a Xishan company racing against time. The reporter learned,Tokyo Olympic Games is under construction. "Big Stage" is designed and manufactured by an exhibition equipment company in Wuxi. The first batch of finished materials was sent to Japan before Chinese New year. The second batch of materials will also be delivered next month.

From the renderings, the "big stage" of the Tokyo Olympics is full of fashion and technology. From the "roof" to the supporting height and big pillars, and the interior building parts to place oversize screen with lighting truss, all of them are made of aluminum alloy. There are also complex curved custom trusses and slides. 

The construction staff assembled numerous trusses according to the drawings, like to assemble Lego.  

According to the photos from the site the construction, although the construction work has not been completed, the huge volume, open and close dynamic device can clearly predict the modern and dreamy beauty of the stage effect!

Factory workshop

"The Japanese customer inspected us last for more than two years before they officially placed this order!" Shizhan took this Tokyo Olympics huge stage order. As everyone knows, Japanese are very caring about the product of detail and safe. The technical standards of all interfaces and hole distances are dozens times to hundreds times of ordinary standards!

Delivery site

The Japanese side requires that each procedure must complete the industry's lowest error rate and meet the best safety test performance as possible. And detailed everything requires excellence. For this the Tokyo Olympic Games stage order, the error of all truss frames is less than 1 mm!

The Olympic order only need 2 months from did samples, took order and shipping to Japan. Customers gave a high evaluation and thank you letter after the first batch of products was shipped to Japan.

Jaw Chou concert ball truss

The technological challenges of complex processes and exploration with practice of independent innovation are exactly the way going ahead for the company. As the "boss" in the field of the domestic performing arts equipment technology association, Shizhan is forming themselves production technology standards. And actively promoting minority, but full of technology and fashion industry to lead the global "show" era.

The company's design team average age are less than 35 years. These energetic young people are very good at mechanics and material structure. All welders have gained the industry's most stringent standard American welder certificate. Like Wuxi Grand Theatre, the best advanced hydraulic lifting stage were designed and manufactured by them, it can achieve multi-space free switching. 

On the Jaw Chou concert 2020, the huge ball truss structure also was made in Shizhan. 

The requirements for radian, width,stage lighting three-dimensional effects with colorful, all have the highest requirements in the performing arts equipment industry!

Shizhan began to explore the road to foreign trade in the second half of 2017. This factory which is special in domestic stage, large-scale exhibitions and construction equipment manufacturing. In the past two years, in addition to the demand of many exhibitions and performance venues in Japan, customers in the United States and the European Union are also increasing. With their excellent design capabilities and quality control management capabilities. This company has become importance supplier who major provide trampoline-type entertainment equipment for huge sports events and high-level exhibition in the United States.  

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