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Guangzhou template scaffold engineering qualifications to deal with what kind of conditions? _ the company - in guangdong Movable scaffolding - aluminum alloy Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy foot

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 in order to make our construction enterprises more fully understand the latest template scaffold professional contracting qualification standard requirements, small make up to introduce in detail: the template scaffold professional contracting qualification level. Government documents: according to the housing urban-rural development informed about simplified standard part index of construction enterprise qualifications ( On October 14, 2016, promulgated the notice) : in order to further reduce the decentralization, the pipes, optimize service reform, through research, decided to simplify the standard of construction enterprise qualifications ( To build the city [ 2014] No. 159) Some of the indicators. Now the matters related to notice the following: first, in addition to all kinds of don't minimum level qualification, cancellation of registered construction engineer, intermediate above title personnel, hold a post certificate index evaluation site management personnel and skilled workers. Second, cancel the communication engineering construction general contracting 3 qualification standard index evaluation of registered construction engineer. Three, adjust the building engineering construction general contracting qualification level and below the building area of assessment indicators, details see the attachment. Four, to the application for construction, municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting, the qualifications of enterprises, not to enter the national construction market supervision and information release platform integrity of the enterprise performance, not as an effective performance. Housing department in charge of urban and rural construction at the provincial level to strengthen the region database construction of the project, the perfect data collection method, to make real and effective business performance in a timely manner to enter the national construction market regulation and credit information publishing platform. Qualification standards: enterprise assets: net worth of 4 million yuan of above. Enterprise key personnel: ( 1) Technical director has 8 years working experience, engaged in engineering construction technology management and engineering sequence intermediate title; Structure, mechanical, electrical and other professional intermediate above title personnel not less than five people. ( 2) Hold post certificate of construction site management personnel shall not be less than 10 people, and the builder, security officer, mechanical part is complete. ( 3) By the examination and training qualified templates work, such as scaffolder technology workers are no less than 20 people. ( 4) Technical director chair finish this category engineering performance of not less than two. Undertake project scope: can undertake all kinds of templates, design, production, installation and construction of the scaffold. Aluminum alloy mobile scaffold
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