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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Our common aluminum alloy scaffolding fence is integral structure with the method of modular structures, accord with mechanics principle, relatively speaking is very stable, then what is the set-up method of it? Please together with Dr Ladder of small make up down and have a look. 1, the first assembly casters, caster for scaffolding accessories, at the bottom of the castor with adjustable foot connection with frame connected to the caster and adjustable feet again after the installation, pay attention to trundle on top, adjustable feet below, two parts to a straight line vertical alignment, the weight of the caster installed vertically adjustable feet down, don't, in turn, adjustable feet below, with a hammer adjustable feet are on the wrong way, that this might damage the wheels. 2, erection of frame build-up process will take at least two people, one person holding the side frame, prevent dumping framework, to build rail, erection of rail attention to status and level with the ground. Aluminum alloy scaffolding set-up diagonal guardrail 3, diagonal across three rail for a diagonal, authors note to coherent rise, to the scaffold is more stable, firm structure, diagonal generally does not interrupt the erection. Diagonal at the same time both sides of the frame to build, both sides of the frame diagonal shall be built into the opposite direction. 4, erection of flat pallet when the framework of beams and diagonal positioned, began to build flat pallet, flat pallet on the framework, pay attention to the flat pallet connected to the framework in place, four corners are exposed to balance and a strong connection with frame. 5, build the second frame erection of the flat pallet, the second frame can be set up, set up the second frame, lift to the second floor frame, vertical alignment in the first layer framework, then lock the safety clasp. Then, the second layer framework inside the bar, the diagonal and flat pallet is set up according to the first floor. Aluminum alloy scaffolding set-up outside guardrail 6, support bar when scaffolding, to a certain height, the need to install as the stability of the support bar, attention when installing the support bar scaffold outside the main body and the construction of the support bar to form a certain proportion, the installation process at the same time pay attention to the support bar outside contact with the ground, out of the ground outside the support bar is not work. 7, install guardrail aluminum alloy scaffolding installation must be need the fence, construction personnel shall not stand in the scaffold of the top job, no protective barrier, guardrail set-up is to install the scaffold of the last step, set-up or lien usually 1 m as a barrier. Will people around inside the scaffold. Above is for aluminum alloy scaffolding fence set-up method of large public share, from the above we can see the erection method is relatively simple, if also want to know more friends welcome attention ladder Dr Yo.
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