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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shishi hot galvanizing plate fastener scaffold factory address contact phone number: 18420150310 high quality scaffolding preferred suppliers in hebei handan scaffolding manufacturer door factory is a professional manufacturer of mobile scaffold, mobile scaffold ladder type, 1. 93 m mobile scaffolding, 1. 7 m mobile scaffolding, 1. 0 m mobile scaffolding, electric basket, pedal hanging basket, semi-closed ZiSheng gantry, fully enclosed ZiSheng gantry, screw scaffold wheel. Product features: movable scaffolding with fast installation, strong, flexible, strong adaptability and other characteristics, all parts are processed by the cold galvanized anti-corrosion products, durable, beautiful and easy, is the construction industry and decoration industry ideal auxiliary construction equipment, 15 - platform area 40 square metre, especially suitable for narrow place. Reliability: type door scaffolding, I give full play to the important role of the company to provide products by the national quality inspection department inspection. Quality is reliable. Special note: a set of scaffolding includes 2 pieces, 2 pay lever shelf, a pedal, four connecting rods, 4 pin, four open lock pin. Features: 1, high strength steel tubes, the product by hot dip galvanized, greatly lengthened the service life is 2, reasonable structure, simple to use, fast and flexible, safe and reliable operation. Three convenient transportation, easy tear open outfit, can improve the efficacy and save a lot of human resource use: 1, used for buildings, halls, Bridges, overpass, tunnel within the top 2, such as template for high-rise building inside and outside of the mat, scaffold built 3, used to install time, hull and other decoration engineering activity 4, use doors scaffold with simple roof, can constitute a temporary site dormitory, warehouse or barrack 5, shishi installation used for erection of temporary balcony and stand hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold factory address
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