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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
I work in the aluminum alloy scaffolding for nearly 15 years. When the customers to buy scaffolding, scaffolding safety is first priority. How to choose the scaffold: 1. A formal company, check the business license, self-employed person choose carefully. 2. Try to choose the company and set up the company in a long time. 3. From materials and technology of the ladder, self-respect, load and other details of choice. 4. If you buy a large and long, it is best to field trip. Aluminum alloy scaffolding involves the security, the ladder after two or three meters, safety is the most important, is not the most important price, now say is & quot; Safety in production, people-oriented & quot; 。 In more than two or three meters height, when a person falls, light is disabled, heavy is dead, and the less loss, loss is less, the more is never, companies should also be punished. In the process of ladder sales of more than ten years, there have been some downward ladder: 1. A famous large state-owned enterprises in China in 2002, the use of common aluminum alloy scaffolding, one day, a foreign expert climbed scaffolding, ladders broke, fortunately, the ladder is not high, light, plant security department and the relevant leaders, online to find a good ladder manufacturers immediately, and field investigation, comparison, product production standard, ladders, finally choose us. 2. A famous Chinese state-owned large enterprises, in June 2013 the ladder fracture, fall, seriously injured, plant security department, purchasing department and related leaders, urgent looking for regular manufacturers, good ladder, find us, to provide product manuals, quotation, field visits, product comparison, ready to replace the factory currently using some of the ladder. In the internal process stage, in August, the first person to fall in the hospital, also a falling accident happened again. Snap up the ladder and ladder factory gradually replaced. Before and after the purchase of nearly 1 million ladder. Three, nine years, Shanghai is a foreign-funded enterprises, foreigners broke when I was in the use of scaffolding, ran away but proprietary enterprise, 2 million foreigners to ladder vendors claim, as a result, they don't know how to do it. Of the adverse impact of the incident has also made many hardware companies in Shanghai cautious when choosing the ladder supplier. In September 2015, state-owned enterprises also use telescopic ladder has been a accident, causing casualties. 10 telescopic ladder is urgent replacement, will gradually replaced. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the construction safety and engineering construction shall be carried out according to the following safety rules: 1, the demolition of aluminum alloy scaffolding must be borne by the professional scaffolding workers, and regular medical examination. At the height of the work you are unwell person cannot work in the aluminum alloy scaffolding. 2. Construction workers must wear safety helmet and safety belt, tools should be placed within the tool bag, work must wear non-slip shoes. 3. Escalator must be installed outside the frame separate, must be connected to the aluminum alloy scaffolding. Do not use ladder to ensure that the scaffold.
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