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Hanging basket scaffold safety check form - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
The units under inspection ( The full name) : check parts: number: the serial number check the project inspection standards inspection rectification results 1 to ensure project construction scheme scaffolding construction scheme, and the design calculation or by the superior approval, construction plan, guide me. 2 production assembly pick beam anchorage or counterweight device such as a resistance to capsizing qualified, hanging basket assembly comply with the design requirements; Electric ( Hand) Gourd with qualified products; Hanging basket after load test before use. 3 installation insurance card or effective lifting hoist, lifting rope hanging basket have insurance or effective, and has a hook insurance, workers wear seat belts, seat belts may not be on the hanging basket lift with rope. 4 scaffolding scaffolding full shop, solid, stable, material requirements, shall not appear probe plate. 5 fixed elevator lift operation to operating personnel and trained, lifting operations of other personnel shall not stay inside the hanging basket, two pieces of hanging basket together at the same time lift has a synchronization device to achieve synchronization. 6 clarificaiton and acceptance after acceptance here after each ascension work; Promotion and operation after disclosure. 7 general project protection hanging basket lateral protection requirements, the lateral set net closed neatly, monolithic hanging basket lift two end have protection. 8 protective multilayer homework set protective roof, roof protective roof set meets the requirements. Nine body stability operations basket with Rachel, building structure, wire rope hoists shall not be suspension or hanging basket from the wall gap is too big. 10 load shall not exceed the design requirements of construction load, load pile must be uniform. Inspectors ( Signature) : year month day verification opinion:, director of security ( Signature) Conclusion: year month day verification: engineers ( Signature) : year month day this form in duplicate, engineering is a new owner, after the end of a construction unit file.
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