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Hanging basket scaffold safety operation main points - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Hanging basket scaffold, divided into two kinds of manual and electric. Hanging basket scaffold is in the building roof through special strong point, using the choice of beam or frame sling hanging basket, a scaffold for outside decoration engineering operation, its main composition is divided into hanging basket, supporting beam ( Choose frame) , sling ( Including the rod or wire rope or chain chain) And lifting gear, insurance rope, and a safety lock. Set-up using hanging basket scaffold safety operating rules: 1. Set-up construction hanging basket must comply with the special safety construction organization design ( Construction plan) Rules, assembly or dismantled, 3 people cooperate operation, strictly according to the erection procedure homework, anyone is not allowed to change. 2. The hanging basket load shall not exceed 1176 n/m2 ( 120kg/m2) , and materials to the operator of the hanging basket on symmetric distribution, shall not be concentrated in one end, and keep the hanging basket load balancing. 3. Lift the lever hoist application of hanging basket more than 3 t special wire rope. Use chain application above 2 t, bearing the wire rope diameter not less than 12. 5 mm, should establish the insurance rope on both ends of the hanging basket, and the diameter of the bearing with wire rope. Rope card shall not be less than 3, a joint wire rope is strictly prohibited. 4. Bearing steel wire rope and pick beam connection must be reliable and should have protective measures to prevent shear wire rope. 5. The location of the hanging basket and pick beam should be set according to the actual circumstance of the building. Pick the length of the beam pick lifting point must be vertical with hanging basket, installing a pick beam, should be made with out one side building slightly higher than the other. With the ends of the application of Chinese fir from both within and outside the building or steel pipe connection is firm, become whole. The balcony area pick beam at the top of the pick the part to add to pile brace, brace down to the plate, and the force of the balcony slab and the following two layer plate balcony column reinforcement. 6. Hanging basket can be assembled according to the needs of engineering single or double hanging basket, double hanging basket to set up the ladder, set aside activities cover plate, so that staff from top to bottom. 7. Hanging basket length is generally not more than 8 m, width of 0. It is advisable to 8 m to 1 m. Single hanging basket height to 2 m, double hanging basket height in 3. It is advisable to 8 m. With steel pipe for poling hanging basket, stud spacing shall not be more than 2. 5 m, single hanging basket at least three pillars and double hanging basket set at least five bar. 8. To steel pipe assembly of large, small surface of the hanging basket to a peak, and to the hanging basket of precast frame assembly welding, length of more than 3 m bedding face set to peak. 9. Hanging basket scaffold board must be smooth and severe, and with the lateral horizontal rod fixed firmly, lateral horizontal pole spacing can be according to the thickness of the scaffold board, general with 0. It is advisable to 5 ~ 1 m. On both ends of the hanging basket layer outside and small surface shall be set up two insulation bar, and hung close eye safety net densification, cable under the dead Angle, side should be set in the insulation bar. 10. Lever hoist for sling hanging basket, wire rope wear, after insurance plate must be put off, fastened the insurance rope or safety lock, and pull basket and buildings. 11. Hanging basket side is 100 mm from the building, the distance between the two hanging basket shall not be greater than 200 mm. Two or more hanging basket may not be together lift at the same time, two hanging basket should be joint with window, balcony quanlity-guaranteed stagger. 12. When lifting hanging basket, must shake all lever hoist or pull the chain at the same time, the lifting point must lift at the same time, the balance of hanging basket. Hanging basket lift not impact buildings, especially in the balcony, Windows, etc, and shall have the specialist is responsible for promoting hanging basket, to prevent the hanging basket hanging touch buildings. 13. Hanging basket during use, often should check the hanging basket protection, insurance, pick beam, lever hoist, chain hoist and sling, found hidden danger, the immediate solutions. 14. Hanging basket assembly, lift, dismantle and maintenance must be conducted by a qualified scaffolder.
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