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Have to take into account the construction scaffolding common problem when building scaffolding steel pipe scaffold when aluminum alloy scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30

In the process of construction, construction scaffolding common problem is to consider the factors, for your safety, the following content is very important. The construction of the lever is missing, not connected, sweeping stem from two vertical and horizontal distance is too big or too small, etc. ; Scaffold board list, insufficient thickness, overlap does not meet specification requirements; Large formwork dismantling thick inside not for network between rod and wall body; Bracing in plane not continuous; Open the scaffold not brace; Scaffold board under the small bar spacing is too large; Even the inside and outside wall pieces do not rigid connection; Protective railings spacing greater than 600 mm; Fastener connection is not tight, fastener slip, etc. The above problem is we construction scaffolding are common problems in the construction process, we treated with caution, to ensure the safety of the lives of you and your co-workers.                                

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