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by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Mobile scaffolding safety use don't say more with you, who is your blessing, have a good look at us about the specification for the safe use of mobile scaffold. 1) Homework on layer 1 m2 per frame construction load (the actual Personnel, materials, and machines and weight) E. or construction design shall not exceed the following values. The construction load ( Homework layer on the weight of the personnel, equipment, materials) Standard, structure of the scaffold to take 3 kn/m2; Tool scaffolding 3 kn/m2. 2) Set of materials on the surface of the frame should be packed in strong, shall not affect the construction operations and personnel. According to the passage of a cart for erection of scaffolding shall ensure lanes open. It is strictly prohibited on personnel cart running, regression or decay on the surface of the frame. 3) Height of people working in the frame of the larger should be in normal operation can be performed for degrees, ban on the plane board padded implements or single piece of scaffold to increase operating height. 4) Prohibited in operation at the basic framework of the dismantled scaffold, integrity bar, connecting bar fasteners. Because of operational requirements need to dismantle, truly need, with the approval of the competent personnel, adopt corresponding remedy measures, and in the homework finished, be reinstated in a timely manner. 5) Workers in the frame work, should pay attention to safety protection and the safety of others, to avoid a collision, slip and fall. It is strictly prohibited in the rack frolicking and sitting on a rail fine QuanChu rest. 6) Personnel scaffolding need to walk up and down set security access, forbidden climbing scaffold. 7) Per shift staff to work in stores, should first check with or without affecting safe operation problem, behind the exclusion and solve xu began to work. Found in the assignments unsafe conditions and signs, should immediately stop operation for inspection, resolve to return to normal after the operation; Found to have abnormal and dangerous situation, immediate notice must be given to all on personnel evacuation. 8) Call it a day before the surface should be clean, to items neatly stacked on the surface of the frame materials, trash pickup; During the period of operation, should be timely cleaning materials and articles to Ann. In any case, it is strictly prohibited to casting material items and dumping downwards on the shelf. Keep his name important, take a look of our mobile scaffolding safety, rest assured work next time.
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