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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Weifang aluminium scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310, according to news reports, recently at a hotel in changzhou, jiangsu scaffolding collapse, smashing ferrari, audi Q5 value three million luxury cars, but appears no casualties in the accident. Scaffolding safety problem has always been the focus of the industry, but based on product standards, artificial operation, and many other factors, led to the accident rate is still high. Therefore, zunyi map of xifeng county and other places have also recently conducted scaffolding collapse emergency rescue drill, to prevent the scaffold made corresponding preview to prevent safety accident. Scaffold height coefficient, the higher the risk for movable scaffolding, several times is danger coefficient. In general, more than 12 meters height above the portable aluminum alloy scaffolding already has the very big risk. So exactly how to avoid and prevent more highly scaffolding safety hazards and risks? As aluminum alloy scaffolding industry experts, to make the corresponding solutions. 'We are in for more than 20 meters mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding, which have their own a set of rigorous, safety design solutions. Not only need to consider the product design and the safety of the building itself, but also the safety of tower while moving, using personnel easy generation by tower rock series problems, such as fear. ”( Aluminum alloy scaffolding) 'Aluminum alloy scaffolding in strict accordance with the eu EN1004 standard design and production, and the load bearing test is based on the security requirements of more than 3 times. Products are fine after the frame body stress structure design and test, our exclusive patent of welding, cold bilges cold pressing technology and 'rhinos nose fast locking lever, etc. , greatly improving the quality and safety of the scaffold, but also to a certain extent, improve the work efficiency. We should not only responsible for the trusted partner of our products, also want to use scaffolding workers responsible for the safety of life. 'The product owner said. According to understand, to mention the cold bilges cold pressing process can completely prevent weld, this process will not change the molecular structure of the aluminum alloy material, which makes its strength in various environment will not reduce. Static experiment to withstand pulling force of about 6000 kg, dynamic can withstand the test without fracture phenomenon in 250000. Compared with the welding products available in the market, the use of the process, on the strength of the aluminum alloy scaffolding products, stability and durability are greatly improved, also therefore had stable product safety guarantee. Actually safe hidden trouble may exist in each tiny links, so whether scaffolding products manufacturer, purchaser or use, be sure to use specifications related to learning, and preventive measures. For this, also remind relevant principals, 'aluminum alloy scaffolding before installation and use, must make the corresponding security checks, such as to ensure that all parts in good condition, key and obvious dents, and so on questions, and free of cracks and building safety, specifications, avoid to cause potential safety hazard. 'High scaffolding scaffolding collapse caused casualties accident, the accident reasons are mostly scaffolding product safety quality closes nevertheless, building standards, non-standard, etc. , but does not rule out some of them for operation is not professional and other factors. 'Based on the current industry reality, many construction workers than are not professional, so we need to make sure that, these amateurs through some simple training, you can safely use 20 meters height above the scaffold, this is all we are considering the problem of product design. Head of explanation. ( Aluminum alloy scaffolding application guangzhou bay 5 square project) Aluminum alloy scaffolding in comply with the standard technology, product safety design, user experience, follow-up service, etc, are transparent, perfecting the system of standard process and experience of many projects at home and abroad. Aluminum alloy scaffolding listed in more than 40 years, accumulated a good reputation advantages in the industry, not only in more than 20 meters high aluminum alloy scaffolding products have a certain industry technical advantages, at the same time, its products cover scope of category is complete, reliable product quality, especially in SPAN400, SPAN500, TVX represented, etc. Series of products sell like hot cakes, all can be used as a purchaser. Scaffolding, because of the outstanding quality conforms to the design and safety standards in most parts of the world, and is also popular in the international market. 'Will continue to be rigorous, professional, efficient, brand concept, sincerely for the general users with sincere, professional technology and products and services, as the industry healthy and orderly development contributes an own strength. 'Officials said.
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