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High fall injury and protective - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan security division

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
All above 2 m (from the ground Including 2 meters) Likely to fall high homework, called high homework. From the above 2 m ( Including 2 meters) The high places of the crash damage event is called a fall accident. Common high falling accidents are falling on scaffolding, impending falling, falling over the edge, 'four' falling, falling on the ladder, etc. Scaffold falling damage protection of various types of scaffolding must be set-up and dismantle by scaffolder. Scaffolder belongs to the special operations personnel, must by the special security technology training, special operation operation certificate examination qualified, party must work at his position. Must be in accordance with the provisions, and the requirements of the design space size of erection of scaffolding poling, big bar, small cross bar, bridging, guardrails, etc. Job shop layer scaffold board should be covered, stability and 120 ~ 150 mm from metope, can not have space between plates, probe plate and the springboard, plane plate debris to clean up at any time, keep clean, flat, smooth. Scaffold outside, ramps, discharging platform to build protective railings on both sides and baseboard, external use dense mesh type safety net is fully closed. Scaffold pole, according to the specification requirements set even wall bracing, bottom-up continuous set to dismantle scaffold, from top to bottom with the open frame and dismantle the connection point. Scaffold material to put on the uniform and structure plane bearing according to regulations must not exceed 300 kilograms per square meter, stacked on scaffolding standard brick, only allow pile side swing line three layers; Used for decoration engineering scaffold bearing shall not exceed 200 kilograms per square metre. The erection of all kinds of scaffolding, set-up ramps have to rack up and down for construction personnel or ladder, it is forbidden to construction work personnel climbing scaffold. Blood lesson one afternoon, lath wang site in the boiler room wall coarse sand cement construction task finished, in a hurry to go home, in order to save time, violation of operating procedures, no safety ramps, but by climbing scaffold on the outside of the roof with tool bag, carelessly fall from 18 meters high, young life so hurried over. Experts remind safely in feet frame of time must go up and down ramps. At any time shall not illegally climbing scaffold. Impending crash damage protection dangling scheduling refers to under the condition of no foothold or no firm foothold in the high places of the homework, or refers to the working point activity area is small, the airport under the conditions of four edges of the high places of the homework. Impending operation risk particularly big. Engaged in suspended operations staff, regularly conduct a physical examination every year. All suffer from the following diseases: high blood pressure, heart disease, hypotension, anemia, epilepsy, neurasthenia, one of the staff, or limb disabled people, or younger than the age of l8 personnel, or just finish drinking wine, shall not be engaged in impending operation. Any of the following: when the weather is one of the 6 magnitude of strong wind, thunder, rain, snow, fog, banned or suspended operations in the open. Night construction, if the light illumination is insufficient, shall not be engaged in suspended operations. Dangling homework personnel must, in accordance with the provisions, wear a good helmet, fasten your seat belt. Walking has, should fasten seat belt rope coiled in the body, prevent touch hang, the lashing belts must be hung on a solid structure, fight xu hang, decoupling. The use of seat belts should be low with high, in order to reduce the impact of the fall. When the seat belt rope over 3 m, should have a buffer device use special seat belts. Blood lessons of a project during the pre-acceptance, project managers find one common roof bottom chord has a section 2 meters long Angle not to brush paint, then arrange the painter zhang to hang the safety belt, from the roof of the skylight, the Angle steel brush paint. But zhang think young smart, do not need to wear your seat belt, as a result, he falls from the heights of the 9 meters, known to the hospital after the rescue invalid death.
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