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High job approval system - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan safety technology

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
High job security by the company responsible for the management and implementation. ( A) High operation refers to the falling height datum above 2 m ( Including 2 m) , may have brought down the location of the homework. ( 2) High homework personnel should be regular physical examination, and high work occupational contraindications are: severe anemia, epilepsy, mental disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. Lack of sleep, body fatigue, mood swings the personnel engaging in the operations in which high. High work must wear your seat belt. Seat belts to high up with low, hang down should have enough clearance. In case of more than six levels of winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, fog and other bad weather, should stop outdoor high homework. Winter homework on high, must be timely cleaning the surface of snow, to prevent slippery. It is forbidden to throw up and down tools and materials. Tools should be system has the safety rope, will within the tools in the tool bag when not in use. Vertical direction shall not cross operations, such as the need to cross homework, must set up the safe protection layer, middle falling height more than 24 m crossover operation, should be a double protection. It is forbidden to barefoot, wear slippers, sandals, high heels, hard to operate shoes. It is strictly prohibited on the edge of the protective railings, vertical lift platform, empty seated on the tube, scaffolding and activity on and rest. To do well the construction site, 'four' ( Opening, reserved to utter, stairs, elevator well) , in the 'five' ( Nearby balcony, floor, roof, surrounding the foundation pit, surrounding the unloading platform on both sides) Protection work, set up strong protective railing, and eye-catching safety sign. ( 3) Suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, seizures and other people climb the contraindication is allowed to climb. Don't climb without supervision. Was not wearing a helmet, wear your seat belt, no high tied tight trousers. Six or more high winds and heavy rain to the job site, snow, fog is allowed to climb. Scaffolding, springboard not firm is allowed to climb. Hold the ladder foot anti-skid measures ranging from high does not wear non-slip shoes are not allowed to be high. May not climb derrick, gantry, scaffolding, may not fly unmanned high vertical transportation equipment. Carrying heavy objects are not allowed to climb. By the high tension line without block is not high. Insufficient light is not high.
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