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High operation and cross operation safety technical measures Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu sh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
1 high homework 1. 1 where in the fall for more than 2 m height datum ( Including 2 m) Falling, it is possible to heights of operations, are high in the homework. 1. Homework should be carried out step by step 2 high safety technology education and disclosure. 1. 3 high homework personnel safety facilities shall be built, must hold relevant certificates after training, and regular physical check-up. 1. 4 meet bad weather outdoor climbing and hung high work may be undertaken. 1. 5 protective facilities in overhead operations, shall not dismantle, because of homework need to truly temporary demolition must be approved by director of security, and reliable measures, homework immediately after recovery. 1. 6 high homework door facilities in the build process should set up corresponding warning zone, sent someone to care, it is forbidden to up and down and removed. 1. 7 with one exclusive scaffolding and scaffolding or tool scaffold construction of high-rise building, first floor must be around 6 m wide double levels for fixed network, high-rise building every four layer should also fixed a 3 m wide level safety net. 1. 8 level safety net interface must connect closely, and the gaps between the buildings is not greater than 100 mm, and significantly higher than the outer edge. Can't pitched level network, must set up network closed one by one. 1. 9 pitched the level of the safety net, until there is no high homework before dismantling. 1. 10 building entrances should be built for 3 ~ 6 m long, wide in the access channel 1 m on both sides of the protective casing, the inward and outward channels must be sealed on both sides. 1. 11 near the construction area, pose a threat to people or things, must be pitched protective tent. 1. 12 high work must wear seat belts, belts should be low with high, hanging point. 1. Material should be piled up smoothly, working 13 of higher tools shall, from time to time in the tool bag, it is forbidden to heap of the place and material dropped from a height. 1. 14 high work required for material, equipment and so on must be according to the construction progress along with shipment, overload is prohibited. 1. 15 high job should have sufficient lighting and lightning protection facilities. 1. 16 high homework personnel must be in accordance with the provisions, walking routes, banned in the absence of safety protection facilities, along the walls, scaffolding, pick beam, support, jib, run the place such as hanging basket climbing or walking. Cross homework 2. 1, when upper and lower grade separation, each job may not be operating on the same vertical direction. Lower operation must be determined in the upper level may fall outside radius, can not meet, hard to isolate safety protection layer should be set up. 2. 2 templates and scaffolding demolished, the below may not have other personnel operation, and supervision by designated personnel. 2. 3 template is dismantled, the temporary stacking place should be from the floor edge should not be less than 1 m, and the stacking height should not exceed 1 m. 2. 4 edge of mouth floor, spilling, scaffolding edge, are strictly prohibited to pile up any object removed. 2. 5 structure construction since the beginning of the second floor, all staff in and out of the access point, should be built for safety protection. High level of more than 24 m crossover operation, set up double protection. 2. Peripheral set safety pick network (6 buildings Every four layers) First choose network must be double network.
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