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High scaffolding using personnel matters needing attention when working The company dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Disc type button scaffolding, authors should comply with the relevant state standards. High homework should be equipped with meet safety requirements according to the actual requirement of hoisting cage, ladders, protective fence, baseboard, etc. The springboard should meet safety requirements, shall be binding on both ends fixed. Before operation, should check whether the safety facilities used solid and strong. High homework should have sufficient lighting at night. For scaffolding workers with up and down the stairway, elevator, hanging cage, to conform to the requirements of the relevant standards; Up and down when the homework personnel must have reliable security measures. Stationary steel vertical ladder and inclined ladder should comply with GB 4053. 1 and 4053 GB. 2, portable wooden ladder and portable metal ladder, should conform to the requirements of GB and 7059 GB 12142 portable scaffolding and portable metal ladder ladder at the bottom of the feet should be solid, not to use padding. The pedal can not have QueDang. The top of the scaffold shall be fixed. Vertical ladder work Angle 75 °, 5 ° is advisable. The ladder for long use, should have a reliable connection measures, and joint shall not be more than 1. Connection strength of ladder beam, should not be lower than that of single ladder ladder beam intensity. When folding ladder to use. The upper Angle of 45 ° to 35 ° ~ advisable, hinge should be strong, and should have reliable braced measures. Disc type button scaffolding work should establish guardians guardianship, high homework personnel guardians should stick to jobs. Scaffolding work should correctly use the falling supplies and climbing equipment, equipment. High homework personnel should buckle up with and adapt to the job content, seat belts should be hang in the work place at the top of the strong artifacts. On or designed for seat belt with steel wire rope, must not hang on the move or unstable objects; Shall not hang in the area of have sharp edges. Seat belts shall not low hanging high. After wearing a seatbelt should check whether the retaining ring is fastened up.
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