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High slope safety technical clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan security division

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Four, high slope protection, slope protection operation safety measures, must build strong scaffolding. Scaffolding must fall to the ground, it is forbidden to use the flying scaffold. 2, masonry work should be carried out from top to bottom. Flaky changes little, shall not be conducted on scaffolding. It is forbidden to stand under the wall masonry, wall. Carry stones shelves, springboard should be solid and fortify the slider. After 3, plaster, jointing operation must first. It is forbidden to walk on side slope, must use the ladder from top to bottom, work on the scaffold. When working on the shelf, will not permit under operation or stay, not above laying, jointing below. 4, should follow the crag body side slope excavation progress, to ensure the construction safety and the slope stability. Dig out a layer of, must be related to the protection to dig the next layer. 5, before construction, should be carefully check the support section and the surrounding situation of slope stability. Eliminate dangerous rock and obstacles, to ensure that in the security under the state of the slope support construction. 6, slope support should be conducted on work platforms, scaffolding, working platforms, scaffolding, must be strong, and to ensure that meet the requirements of operations or bearing load, the bearing connection should use double fasteners. In the airport surface should be set safety protection railing. 7, punch in work platforms, scaffolding, anchor cable, anchor installation and concrete spraying operations, such as its operating rules must be strictly implemented and the work high above the various safety regulations. 8, when the people working in spray concrete protection, must wear protective equipment correctly. Five, the personnel security measures 1, workers must wear safety helmet, and wear your seat belt. Tied ropes hanging belt should strong bolt on the trunk or plugged solid steel, the rope should be vertical. May not be the same security pile on more than 2 root and the safety rope or a piece of rope bolt 2 and above. 2, accident hidden danger is found working, immediate measures should be taken to eliminate the hidden trouble, when necessary to stop working, after waiting for security measures in place to work. 3, homework personnel should be regular physical examination and diagnosed with heart disease, anemia, high ( Low) Blood pressure, epilepsy, engaging in the operations in which high acrophobia other inappropriate disease, shall not engage in high places. High homework, forbidden illegal operation, barefoot drink and homework. 4, above the scaffolding operation platform, operation, scaffolding should be set up to prevent people falling protective railings. Scaffolding frame board must be covered, and firmly fixed on the scaffold. Six, high slope construction machinery safety measures 1, enter the high slope of site construction machinery, must check its comprehensive technical performance, to ensure safe operation. 2, construction machinery into the construction site, must check walking routes, confirm the road width, slope, bending, Bridges, culverts, etc can satisfy the security requirement is feasible. Disclosure: for some people, no 6:7 blocks: 8 blocks: no 9:10 blocks: 11 blocks:
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