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by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
An overview of our company is responsible for project engineering construction of zhoushan agriculture agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets, due to the field of north and south have a residential electricity transmission power lines, and we are ready to install 1 #, 3 # two cranes model for QTZ80 ( ZJ5910) , the big arm rotating radius of 59 m, tower crane during normal operation, large arm length is more than the location of the high voltage cable, according to the national security regulations, we hereby formulate the following construction plan. 2 construction protection idea we intends to prepare to use more erect a 100 - metre - long row of scaffolding at the edge of the cable nets, to avoid a direct collision of tower crane on the cable. Three construction area south distance to build 1 # crane distance, about 30 meters. Three construction measures, construction preparation, 1. 1 material to prepare 6 meters long & Phi; 48 steel pipe 5786 root, root, 3 meters 4 meters for 550 to 550 root, 2 meters to 100, a total of 38766 meters; Turn 13000 cross fasteners, fastener 25000 only 1500, docking fastener, a total of 39500 fasteners; Φ 3000 meters of more than 100 bamboo: used for protective scaffold lower horizontal, vertical, and diagonal brace bar set according to the requirements of the erection of protection on the upper part is equipped with four meters tall bamboo scaffolding. Red and white paint of besmear of the bamboo on the shelf, in order to do the warning tag. 2. 2 personnel with professional scaffolding construction personnel, and in a professional electrician and project department management under the command of protective scaffold erection. 2. 3 billing and set-up and dismantle the valuation period maintenance stands at a time ( About 16994 m? × 7 yuan/m? = 118958 yuan) ; Material rates with total material multiplied by day rent ( About steel pipe 38766 meters a day & times; 0. 007 yuan/m = 271 yuan/day; Fasteners & 39500 times; 0. 004 yuan/only = 158 yuan/day; Bamboo 3000 meters purchase price is 10000 yuan) ; 200 thick cast C20 concrete cost is 58900 yuan, Including the material) ; Under the frame body earthwork backfill of about 1000 m? 500 million yuan. Deadline date on the erection and dismantling of protective frame on a daily basis. 2, construction plan 2. In 1 # 1 of tower crane construction at the same time, we will send the construction personnel from the high-voltage wire homework 5 meters cast backfill earthwork and 200 thick c20 maintenance frame body, insert & Phi; 18 reinforced 6 rows, into concrete meet the design the length of the anchor length, and ensure the concrete surface and the steel hooks length is 500 mm, spacing is 1800 mm. 3. 1 5 meters along the power lines outside, on the basis of maintaining respectively with 4 m, 5 m, 6 m long & Phi; 48 steel tube, double row scaffolding shall be built, the erection process, on the outside steel pipe should be set in advance on the basis of embedded good & Phi; 18 on steel, in order to have a fixed effect, to ensure protection of scaffolding won't appear larger displacement in horizontal direction, and stagger the different length of steel tube, avoid stress concentration. And on the steel pipe scaffold, every two rows of poling a steel brace, ensure the stability of the steel frame. ( Tube erect pole spacing is 1800 mm, 800 mm, longitudinal spacing interval, 1800 mm) 3. 2 lower steel pipe scaffold construction has been completed, with bamboo bundle in the pipe rack, lap width is 1000 mm, the upper form a complete double-row bamboo scaffolding, make sure that the bamboo flowing over cable horizontal position 1500 mm, and in more than 1500 mm high voltage cable encrypted bar interval, the encryption step distance is 500 mm. 3. Three vertical rod and bar after completion of erection, according to the specification requirements, set the bracing, ensure the stability of the scaffold. 3. 4 protection after the completion of the scaffold erection, in bamboo parts with red and white paint besmear to brush, for warning. ( Protective concrete of scaffolding set-up size and see the appended drawings) 4, the construction difficulties and countermeasures: 1, because of the 1 # tower crane power lines while distance higher ground, on the rack body height and strength of the scaffold erection may demand is higher. Countermeasures: according to the above situation, we are ready to try to control the width of the scaffold stud spacing. According to the actual measurement, on the one hand, can let the protective scaffold with a free swinging distance ( Specification allows) And not touch wires; On the other hand also to the stability of the frame body construction according to the requirements of the relevant specification. To ensure that the site construction personnel life safety. 2, due to the high voltage wire distance is close to 1 # tower crane, construction personnel of the normal operation and low altitude of tower crane hoisting great safety hidden trouble. Countermeasures: (1) , flat wire at the bottom of the earthwork, ensure high pressure in the process of poles foundation without disturbance. 2) , lower set-up double row with steel tube scaffold, mat plywood or wood square, upper with bamboo set-up, connections, and make sure that the bamboo poles more than 1500 mm, encryption stud spacing wire, bar interval ( Stud spacing is 1800 mm, 800 mm, longitudinal spacing interval of 1800 mm, and according to the requirements of specification brace and bracing, ba and bamboo slices from the bottom, the vertical banding, to increase the protection. 3) And, after the completion of erection of suspension to connect high voltage wire rope cable protection frame and the foundation, to ensure that it as a whole. 3, due to the high voltage wire and tower crane installation location is very close, the serious influence tower arm operation, the safety of the construction to bring huge hidden trouble. Countermeasures: to avoid encounter power lines due to the use of tower crane, cause safety accidents, we have asked the construction unit must speed up the pylon moving work, ensure that the construction of rails. Five, safe and civilized construction 1, before construction and electricity safety education, safety civilization and make measures to prevent them 2, bamboo scaffolding construction, construction personnel wear insulated gloves for construction, to prevent accidental electric shock accident 3, strengthen the safety education of tower crane driver, to prevent the occurrence of collision accident outside.
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