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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Sunshine aluminum alloy scaffolding custom contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffold is one of the important facilities construction in civil engineering and construction necessary, is in order to ensure the safety of high operation smoothly the construction and erection of work platform or channel. Scaffold for brick wall masonry and finish painting workers are indispensable. Scaffolding is outside the scaffolding and scaffolding scaffolding structure: steel pipe fastener type, bowl type, door type, cantilever type, etc. , here we introduces common fastener type steel tube scaffold. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold fastener forms: there are800,000 monographs base: used to bear the load of scaffold poling handed down, the base form of a interpolation and coat type two kinds, D1 interpolation diameter smaller than vertical rod diameter 2 mm, coat type diameter D2 is bigger than vertical rod diameter 2 mm. Even the wall is used to make the scaffold, become an organic whole repeatedly with the building is not easy to overturn. Tip: installing scaffolding must be reasonable according to the standard installation, a professional installation, in order to avoid safety accident sunshine aluminum alloy scaffolding custom
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