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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
In order to ensure the smooth implementation of projects department security targets, indicators, and guarantee the safety of construction personnel, regulating the safety production of construction personnel, construction personnel safety awareness, according to the characteristics of the housing construction engineering, building construction engineering safety measures is established. A, scaffolding installation 1, scaffolder, when working on high must strictly implement the relevant provisions of the high homework; 2, in case of high temperature, rain, snow and fresh breeze above the weather, should stop high shelves. 3, hand pole, pull rod, the operator should closely cooperate, coordinated. 4, when using human suspended material, big rope must be strong, it is strictly prohibited to widening within 3 m at the bottom of the vertical line. 5, independent scaffolding shall be built in thunderstorm season, height is greater than 15 m, must be put lightning protection facilities, the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 10 & Omega; 。 6, all kinds of scaffolding, after the heavy rain in the wind, must check, found that tilt, subsidence, collapse, string phenomenon, should be timely repair. 7, all kinds of non-standard scaffolding, and other special shelves, the heavy load of scaffold should be after checking, confirmed after security, just can use. 8, the structure in use, external use load bearing scaffold shall not be greater than 2700 n/m2. 9, the new erection of scaffolding acceptance verification, before use should be unqualified shall not be delivered. 10, the scaffold has been discontinued, in front of the restart, must go through inspection, finishing rear can use. 11, take down the scaffolding near electrically charged equipment, should be a power outage. Can't power failure must meet the following requirements: ( 1) Strictly prohibit across more than 35 kv electric equipment; ( 2) And horizontal distance shall not be less than 3 m; ( 3) And 10 kv under horizontal and vertical distance shall not be less than 1. 5 m, and should have electrical staff supervision. 12 and scaffolding shall not hang any vertical transportation equipment, the scene lighting and power circuit shall not directly contact the scaffold. 13, all scaffolding shall be marked in a maximum allowable bearing capacity of quotation. Do not overload use. 14, scaffolding steel pipe should be used by 48 - diameter 3-51 mm, wall thickness 3. 5 mm is standard material. Shall not be used with severe corrosion, bending, flattening or crack of pipes. 15, steel fasteners, steel scaffolding factory qualified certification. Shall not use such as deformation, embrittlement, sliding wire fasteners. 16, the erection height is greater than 15 m scaffold, must have a design calculation, construction, erection manual shelf. 17, high-level scaffold should be segmented build-up, with 15 - commonly M for a period of 18. Besides should strictly abide by the provisions of the general scaffold, must also take appropriate technical measures, will load segmented discharge to the buildings. After 18, high-level scaffolding, each take a, should be for acceptance, qualified rear can continue to build or use; Without inspection acceptance high rack, is strictly prohibited. 19, the scaffold should be in accordance with the provisions, from top to bottom order gradually dismantled. It is strictly prohibited to push back or pulled down for scaffolding. 20, remove the scaffold material, you should use a rope or chute sent to the ground, it is strictly prohibited to throw at random. Remove the material should be clear in time. 21, dismantle scaffold, designated persons care, to prevent the non-working personnel enter the assignments section. 22 and other matters, in strict accordance with the 'regulations of technology of housing construction project construction safety' concerned regulation is carried out. 2, 1, wooden template template installation, support, tie rod, etc. , shall not use material decay, distorted, split and must ensure that the template structure stiffness and stability, should be used in the construction of steel formwork and steel support, 2, USES the composite steel template, the template and finalize the design templates and accessories, should have the factory certificate; 3, the same template engineering support system, a variety of materials shall not be mixed materials. Three, civilized construction, construction site, 1 yard and life home to unified planning, overall deployment, specification and tidy, concentrated to park construction machines and tools that use, equipment, material stacking respectively symbolize, ash, sand, stone have a lot of, such as the wind rainproof facility, especially toxic and dangerous goods, putting special management, strict custody system. Reinforced with the canopy, and from the ground. 2, the site will be hang a civilization construction signs, banners, adopt various forms to the construction personnel education civilization construction, enhance the construction of civilization consciousness; Set up project JianJiePai in site marked place, each working procedure to set up the brand construction. 3, demolition and foundation construction, should be timely will abandon dross, and soil from construction site; Stacking in raw materials and construction machines, neat, mechanical vehicle parking and orderly, ensure the construction site neat and beautiful. 4, within the scope of construction, must maintain with fences or other material, and set up the construction of the warning signs, signs of construction, to avoid the construction personnel to enter the construction site, there was an accident. 5, the existing road, temporary detour, auxiliary bridge to regularly check, strengthen the daily maintenance, to ensure the normal use of during the period of construction, do the road level off, without potholes, road arch moderate, without water, side ditch drainage unblocked. Dry road sprinkler maintenance regularly, muddy road in fill material renovated in time, auxiliary bridge to ensure the water drainage unblocked. 6, respect the local residents living habits and national customs, it is forbidden to trouble them, do well the construction team's relationship with the government, the residents. 7, education staff to comply with various laws and regulations of local governments, rely on the local government to solve the problem, do law-abiding, code of conduct, civilization construction. Four, all other matters 1, enter the construction site personnel must wear safety helmet, it is forbidden to wear high-heeled shoes, slippers. 2, all construction personnel no drunken into the construction site work. The above content building construction must be carefully and strictly comply with them.
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