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How about sales of square lighting truss under Shizhan?
These years witnessed the steady growth of sales of square lighting truss under Shizhan. It is the result of our brand keeping conducting promotion and marketing activities for the products. As we have tapped into the global markets and compete with many other enterprises with high brand recognition, we come to realize the importance of marketing. Through routine advertising campaigns, we do have more chances to showcase our products. And we are glad to see that the sales volume of the product keeps surging.

For many years Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd Guangzhou Branch has been specializing in and providing high quality front of stage barrier. The sport bleacher series is one of the main products of Shizhan Group. Quality and safety analysis for Shizhan Group bleacher frame is stringently carried out. It is required to go through short circuit analysis, total load inspection, power analysis, insulation test, and electric arc resistant test. It is available with OEM/ODM service. Users can rest assured that this product is healthy. It will not cause any harm to the skin. It is available with OEM/ODM service.

We are committed to the environmental sustainability of our operations. We have reduced the water utilization of our factory in order to prevent excessive utilization of water sources.
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