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How about the load-bearing performance of truss

by:Shizhan     2020-05-12
How about the load-bearing performance of truss frame? Many truss frame manufacturers give answers that are super load-bearing and support a few people, but no one knows the specific situation. After all, each truss frame manufacturer has different processes and materials, so there is no way to give an accurate answer to the load-bearing performance of truss frames. The 2018 World Cup scene (truss stands with two adults) However, the truss frame has a good load bearing and is recognized as a point. As long as it does not steal work, does not reduce materials, does not use inferior accessories, no matter which truss frame manufacturer makes products, in theory, it can withstand the weight of 3-4 adults. It is precisely this that the truss frame can support the weight of several or dozens of stage lights. In daily use, it is not difficult to see that the stage lighting racks built by truss racks are arranged at equal intervals and are relatively scattered. And this further reduces the weight requirements of the truss frame. The reason why many truss rack manufacturers give; super load-bearing, support several people in the above answers, just because the manufacturer knows that in most cases, the regular production of truss rack products is enough. Shizhan truss frame fish scale welding process In other words, in terms of practicality, ordinary truss frame products should not only look at the load bearing, but also need to pay attention to other aspects. For example, the welding details of the truss frame, whether there are de-soldering, missing welding, and whether the solder joints are full, and if these phenomena exist, it will affect the utilization efficiency of the truss frame. So in the daily purchase process, don't just look at the product a little, even if this has a great impact on this product, don't do it. The truss rack is used as a display item in public places and needs to be measured and inspected from all aspects.
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