16 years manufacturer for metal truss, mobile stage, aluminium scaffolding, barriers, etc,.

How about the quality management implemented in Shizhan Group?
Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd has a sound quality control system, we enhance metal scaffolding 's durability, reliability, and functionality. Strict excellent management system helps distinguish us from competitors and brings better merchandise, happier customers and higher earnings.

Shizhan Group Guangzhou Branch is an internationally recognized advanced manufacturer. The truss display series is one of the main products of Shizhan Group. Shizhan Group front of stage barrier meets the industry safety standards for electrical devices. It has been tested to prove that its electromagnetic disturbance level, electrostatic discharge, and electric leakage control are within the stipulated limit. Its surface is durable and contains “stain guard” properties. During sleep, people will never breathe any irritating chemicals with this quality certified product. And their skin is protected from acne or irritation. All components meet and exceed the requirements of building code and OSHA code for all of North America and Europe.

We relentlessly pursue excellence. Our employees are encouraged to think differently and bring new ideas to the table on improving our operations.
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