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How button type disc scaffolding work - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Button scaffold construction plan, the frame body should be the erection construction plan, the erection height above 24 m frame body should revise safety plan alone, structure planning should undertake business accounting, and according to the rules for review and approval; Setting height above 50 m frame body, experts should be assigned to prove special plan, and according to the expert that mindset arrangement. Construction plan should be in good condition, can correct guidance construction work, poling root, poling root should require flat as planned, consolidate, and set the drainage equipment, foundation base plate and the vertical rod should fit standard requirements; Body should be set above the ground is not more than 200 mm rod sweeps the floor in the longitudinal and lateral direction, and right-angle fastener is fixed on the vertical bar. Rack body and structure of Rachel, body building and Rachel should fit standard requirement, even the wall should be close to the master node set, contrary to the interval of the master node should not be greater than 300 mm; Even the wall piece should be the first step in the bottom longitudinal bar frame body beginning Settings, and should be solid and reliable; The erection height above 24 m double-row scaffold should choose rigid even wall and building reliable connection. Bar distance and bracing, stands upright, longitudinal bar, lateral horizontal pole distance should fit standard requirements, the setting of the transverse brace and longitudinal bracing should fit standard requirements; Scissors after long poles, bracing diagonal and the frame body bar cohesion should fit standard requirements.
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