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How is aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding constructed?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-23
Aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding has been very popular in recent years. Many decoration teams have used this scaffold for decoration. So how does aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding work? Let us take a look at it today. 1. Assemble casters Casters are the bottom parts of scaffolding. The casters are connected to the adjustable feet and then to the bracket. The installation of casters and adjustable feet, pay attention to the top of the casters, the adjustable feet are below, the two accessories should be aligned in a straight line, the adjustable feet can be installed vertically downward according to the weight of the casters. 2. Set the frame The installation process requires at least two people. Hold the side frame by one person to prevent the frame from tipping over. First set the crossbar and pay attention to the horizontal position. 3. Set up a diagonal bar The diagonal bar is a three beam. The tilt rod should be placed in a stable manner. In order to make the scaffolding more stable and strong, the tilting bar usually does not interrupt the erection. At the same time, the tilt rods should be erected on both sides of the frame, and the tilt rods should be installed on both sides of the frame in the opposite direction. 4. Set up the platform board When the horizontal bar and the diagonal bar of the frame are erected, the platform board is set, and the platform board is placed on the frame. It should be noted that the platform board and the frame are connected in place, and the four corners are in balanced contact and firmly connected to the frame. 5. Set the second frame After setting the platform board, you can set the second layer of frame. When constructing the second-tier frame, the second-tier frame should be lifted up, vertically aligned with the first-tier frame, and then lock the safety catch. Subsequently, the crossbars, the bars in the diagonal second-tier frame and the platform plate were constructed in the same way as the first-tier. 6. Set the outer support rod When the scaffold is set to a certain height, it is necessary to install a stable external support rod. When installing the outer support rod, pay attention to the structure of the bracket body and the outer support rod to form a certain proportion. At the same time, pay attention to the contact between the outer support bar and the ground, and leave the outer support bar intentionally left on the ground to have no effect. 7. Install guardrail The installation of aluminum alloy scaffolding must be a guardrail. Construction personnel cannot stand on top of the scaffolding, without protective barriers. Guardrails are the final step in installing scaffolding. Usually it is set or retained as a guardrail. Include personnel in scaffolding.
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