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How is the aluminum alloy scaffold installed?

by:Shizhan     2020-05-22
Aluminum alloy scaffolding is a common scaffold for indoor and outdoor decoration in recent years. Because the material is light and easy to install, it is very popular among decoration workers. How is aluminum alloy scaffolding installed? Let us take a look today. 1. Build Check all components on site (see product configuration list); Ensure that the ground construction and movement of the scaffolding provide sufficient stability and strong support; The overall maximum load of each scaffold is 750kg, and the maximum load of a single platform board is 250kg; Can only climb from the inside of the scaffold during construction and use; Do not use any material boxes or other raised objects on the platform to increase the working height. 2. Promotion During construction, the scaffolding components should be lifted with strong materials such as special hoisting. Bracket, thick rope, etc. And use seat belts; According to the specifications, external supports or counterweights should be used when constructing non-standard or large scaffolding; Use the bottom weight to prevent the large scaffold from tipping over; Use external support to refer to the configuration table; When working in an environment with external support, please consult the supplier (or manufacturer) or provide; Under the guidance of the manufacturer (or manufacturer), the counterweight should be solid material, which can be placed on the overload support leg, and the weight should be placed safely to prevent accidental removal. 3. Move Scaffolding can only push the bottom of the entire rack by manual level; When moving, please pay attention to nearby electrical appliances, especially air ducts; When moving, no person or other objects are allowed on the scaffold to prevent falling and hurting people; Be especially careful when moving on rough terrain or slopes, pay attention to the placement of caster locks; When supporting the wall, the outer bracket can only be separated from the ground by a sufficient distance; in order to avoid obstacles, the height of the scaffold should not exceed 2.5 times the minimum bottom size when moving.
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