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How is the safety of aluminum alloy stage trusses

by:Shizhan     2020-03-30
The issue of the safety of aluminum alloy stage trusses has a lot to do with the materials used, design, production, and methods of construction. Wuxi New Power Stage attaches great importance to the safety of stage trusses. From material to design to production to construction, it has undergone strict inspection procedures. Every step must be taken to produce high-quality products. In terms of aluminum alloy selection, we use profiles that conform to international standards 6082 / T6 and 6061 / T6. These two profiles have high metal performance and good molding performance. The design is designed according to the weight and use of the customer. The optimal design is selected and quality and safety assessment is performed. The stage truss production process is very strict, and each process is inspected by different personnel to avoid errors and reduce the output of substandard products. And our new forces have very professional construction instructions, detailed construction instructions, and follow-up the construction situation at any time. Customers who need them can also arrange personnel on-site guidance or video guidance to avoid major errors.
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