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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen aluminum alloy scaffolding is actually tengda company launched stents in shenzhen area, it is mainly used for shenzhen scaffold and the advantages of application: it is mainly used for decoration, repair installation, high factory work. It belongs to the aluminum alloy material, convenient, light weight, shenzhen tengda is specializes in scaffolding, and safety and the scaffold quality assurance is all we need, and the characteristics of the many support together to improve its internal faults and provides the very appropriate. Method of use: shenzhen bracket light weight, easy to carry, easy disassembly, less parts, not easily lost, ensure the integrity of their products, etc. All parts products through molten aluminum anticorrosive processing, high durability, good and beautiful, the construction and decoration industry ideal auxiliary construction equipment, 15 - platform area 40 square metre, special narrow place, is suitable for the complex shape of buildings, parking lot, inward and outward, gate house, billboards, building, equipment repair, maintenance; Second, protect the safety of the mobile scaffolding performance, relative to guarantee the safety of users; Again, main material USES common fastener steel pipe mobile scaffold, using common aluminum tube fastener connection, can improve the construction progress, through efficient requirements, tengda development quickly remove multi-functional mobile scaffolding, reduce the site construction, greatly improving the site construction schedule. Remove the note: 1, impurities on the removal of scaffolding in shenzhen area, and the ground obstacles. 2, dismantling sequence should be from top to bottom, it is strictly prohibited and homework at the same time. 3 demolish, use interior building support to the bottom, in a long pole height, should be in place for temporary cast, to reinforce again after dismantled.
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