16 years manufacturer for metal truss, mobile stage, aluminium scaffolding, barriers, etc,.

How many people in Shizhan Group export department?
With the promising sustainable development of Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd, the scale of our export department has grown a lot. More and more professionals have joined this family and do their best to make contributions to the maximum interests of the customers. They have accumulated rich experience in communicating with foreign buyers and can establish and keep good business relations with them. What's more, they can answer inquiries promptly and always follow up with customers. Moreover, they are industrious because they spend much time on studying market trends and customers preference so as to offer more satisfying cooperation experience to customers.

Shizhan Group Guangzhou Branch has become a stable and reliable sport bleacher suppliers both domestic and international after so many years of experience in researching, designing, and manufacturing. The crowd control barrier series is one of the main products of Shizhan Group. Strict inspection of Shizhan Group concert stage truss involves different aspects. For example, its insulation materials will be inspected in terms of arc resistance and electric leakage resistance which may form a conductive path or cause mechanical damage. It is x-rayed in the production for quality assurance. It balances the body temperature of sleepers so that they don't get too hot and sweaty when they wake up, and they don't feel too cold at night. It has optional materials, mainly 6061-T6 aluminium alloy and Q235 steel.

We put both business success and environment protection as our priority. During production, we will seek quality yet more environmental-friendly materials so as to achieve sustainable development.
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