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How many ways aerial work need to be aware of? - Common problems - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
The concept of a lot of friends for aerial work also is not very understand, don't know how to define this 'high'? Is there a scale to define 'high', 'high', 'very high', 'extremely high'? What are the precautions for the aerial work? How high is the need to use scaffolding and seat belts? The concept of aerial work: according to GB/T 3608 - 2008 'high job grading' regulation, 'where in the fall for more than 2 m height datum ( Including 2 m) Likely to fall high for homework, are called high homework. In building operations, for example, if the 2 m above the shelf, is high in the homework. High operation level, the work high above the level according to GB/T 3608 - 2008 'high job classification' is divided into four classes, high operating height in 2 - respectively - 5 m, known as the working level of higher; High operating height & gt; 5m- - 15m( Including 15 meters) , known as the secondary high homework; High operating height & gt; 15m- - 30m( Including 30 meters) , known as the triple high homework; High operation in high & gt; 30 m, called super high homework. The harm of aerial work: the impact of the formation, in the process of fall will cause a devastating blow to human body, serious cause permanent disability, or death. Aerial work notice: first, the work high above the former must ensure a healthy body, all appeared under the condition of physical discomfort, to ban on aerial work. Second, high operation must build good scaffolding or wear for fall prevention measures such as seat belts, high-altitude operations. Third, in front of the aerial work, to protective equipment, such as before using for apparatus, 2 - to take 3 times of self-locking performance testing to ensure performance in good condition can only do homework. Fourth, aerial work shall be uniformly will use the tool bag, prevent accidental fall assignment tool, injuring others. Fifth, ideological don't careless, don't 'f', all in accordance with the requirements, in accordance with the instructions to carry out the work. Above is the small make up for all the work high above the little knowledge, I hope you remember when working at high altitude aerial work safety first, the work high above the only starting point without end. The work high above the steel wire rope for device according to different specifications, the high altitude operation in 3 - Within 50 meters of the buffer in 3 - wire rope for machine specifications Within 20 meters, the use of buffer device, with a small impact, use cost is small, the performance good advantages ribbon type for machine ribbon type in 3 - for device specification 20 m, with light quality, easy to carry, insulation, applicable to electric power operation, etc
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